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Thinking about new NIV Bibles? If it's your first NIV you're looking for, an upgrade, time to replace your stock of church Bibles or you just like the look of the handsome, trendy and practical new NIV editions; here's your pocket guide to what you need to know, and a few helpful ideas.

Where the NIV came from, and why

Changes in how we use English showed the need for a Bible translation that spoke God’s Word accurately and in the language of English speakers around the world. A broad spectrum of Christian churches, Bible scholars and language experts came together as the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) to create a truly modern, readable and authentic English language Bible.

The first complete New International Version (NIV) Bible arrived in 1978. Because language is constantly evolving and biblical research still advancing, its creators immediately started work on an updated edition, published in 1984. A further revision was released in 2001 as Today’s New International Version (TNIV).

The latest and most thorough revision of the NIV is the current 2011 NIV translation, which replaces all the earlier versions.

It may take a while for all the earlier ones to disappear entirely; so make sure the one you order is the 2011 edition - although there are some 1984 NIV Edition Bargains to be had .

What you'll find inside the 2011 NIV

Inside the latest NIV, you’ll find all 66 books of the ‘Protestant’ Bible translated afresh from the most reliable Greek and Hebrew texts in readable, modern English. You won’t find the Apocrypha, or Deuterocanonical books of Catholic Bibles. You won’t find the rhythms of speech and language of the King James tradition translations, nor the liberal ‘paraphrase’ style of the Message Bible.

You'll find chapters and numbered verses; though the verses don't always begin on separate lines, but flow together naturally. Where different Hebrew and Greek manuscripts disagree over individual words - or even whole verses, the alternative interpretations are noted at the bottom of the page.

If you're undecided about whether the 2011 NIV is for you, it might be best to spend time with one of the Single Gospel Editions of the latest translation, or an Inexpensive Complete NIV Bible, easily ordered from, often with free delivery.

5 Top Tips for new NIV Bible buyers

  • 1. If the easier reading of UK-English (rather than US-English) spellings and grammar is important to you, look out for the words 'Anglicised text' in the Eden description.
  • 2. If you find Bibles, with the usual font (print) size of 7 to 8 points hard on your eyes, choose an edition with a font size of 9 or above; preferably between 10 and 12.
  • 3. If you want more from your Bible reading, look for an NIV resource rich Study Bible, or Life Application Bible, to help you benefit from the Bible's guidance and wisdom.
  • 4. If you're looking to replace or update your church Bibles, there's a wide range of attractive and durable editions - all available on Eden's church leader's discount scheme.
  • 5. If you're looking for a Bible that will be a delight to own and use - and who isn't; or for that special gift that'll be welcomed and treasured for years to come, there's a huge choice of NIV Bibles in beautiful, smart, modern and functional covers - from  softback to genuine leather, to suit all ages of Bible reader and all levels of Christian experience.

To see everything available in the 2011 translation, just click here, on: NIV 2011 Editions, and you'll be taken straight to where you’ll find a wide range of Popular NIV Bibles, Study Bibles, In-a-Year Bibles, Large Print Bibles, Fashion Cover, Youth, Pocket, Children's, Camouflage, Pink and Economy Buy-In-Bulk editions to suit your personal needs, tastes and pocket.

My personal NIV favourite? This NIV Pocket Bible in Soft-tone Charcoal. The print is a little small at 7 point but readable in a good light. It has Anglicised spellings and grammar, a ribbon marker and zips up to keep in all those bits of paper. Best of all, it looks like a man's Bible and slips easily into pockets and travel bags. In its matching presentation case it makes a welcome gift.  - Les Ellison

8th November

November 8th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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