Top Picks For This Year's Lent Study Guide

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Top Picks for this Year's Lent Studies

Starting with Ash Wednesday on the 14th February, Lent offers a chance to reflect and journey alone or with a small group. To help you along that path, here are our top picks for your 2018 Lent study guide.

Cover to Cover, Lent Talks, Towards Jerusalem

Cover to Cover Lent: Living Faith - CWR Lent Book for 2018

Written by Krish Kandiah - not only a leading author, but also an advocate for reading as well as the founder of Books For Life - this entry into the Cover-to-Cover series is tailor-made for small group study. A long look at the Cross, this Lent Study focuses on the moment of crucifixion, and the final words Jesus offered. Made to be as inclusive as possible, there are life-changing insights here for anyone willing to engage.

Lent Talks - SPCK Lent Book for 2018

An assemblage of erudite and warm writers, BBC Radio 4 broadcasters each present their personal and thoughtful answers to the question ‘What does Lent mean to you?’. Lent Talks features reflections from novelist James Runcie, playwright Bonnie Green, famed politician Ann Widdecombe, broadcaster Giles Fraser, bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith, and writer/Bishop Nick Baines. All of these individuals brings their unique reflections and perspectives to Lent, and the profound effect it has upon their lives.

Towards Jerusalem - BRF Lent Book for 2018

Taking you back to the time and place of the Easter story, this 40 pilgrimage through the Holy Land explores the cities in the Bible, and how God uses them, With a rousing call to go beyond what we think capable of ourselves, Towards Jerusalem shows how God’s Holy City can transform your life still today.

Say it To God, DLT Lent, Art of Lent

Say it to God - Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book for 2018

Deep, personal, and honest prayer is at the heart of this new Lent Devotional from Luigi Gioia. Chosen as the official Archbishop of Canterbury Lent book for this year, Say it To God is simple message that prayer isn’t about the right techniques, or the right words in the right order. Rather, Luigi Gioia explores the theology and scripture relating to prayer in a series of brief bursts of insight. The ideal guide to bring new life to your prayers.

Nothing More and Nothing Less - DLT Lent Book for 2018

Based on Ken Loach’s social drama ‘I, Daniel Blake’, this Lent Course by Virginia Moffatt opens up the chance to explore big topic facing the the country today. Seeking the Christian response to issues of compassion, justice, oppression and inequality, this Lent Course is ideal for small groups. Each session recommends a selected clip from the film, as well as reflection points, Bible readings, and prayers.

The Art Of Lent - SPCK Lent Book for 2018

As much a celebration of God-given creativity as it is a unique path towards deep spiritual and personal truths. In The Art of Lent Sister Wendy looks at a different painting each day, and draws from it rich personal and theological truths that help you not only in thinking differently about Lent, but also equips you to embark on your own path of reading art with a more discerning, and insightful, eye.

Wild Lent, Tim Chester, A Place for God

Wild Lent - Kevin Mayhew Lent Book for 2018

Proving Lent isn’t just for the grownups, this all-age guide encourages all the family to go outside, explore, make, and think about God and creation. Filled with crafts and activities, this new book by Rachel Summers helps you to keep kids engaged and excited about God through the season of Lent as the discover a spiritual connection to God through all He made. So, dig out those wellies, and go explore the world around you like never before!

The Glory of the Cross - Good Book Company Lent Book for 2018

Taking the Gospel of John as its source, these reflections from Tim Chester examine deep and thoughtful theological ideas about Christ’s crucifixion in a simpler, easier to understand way. With a reading for each day for 47 days, this book is here to renew and refresh your appreciation for Easter, to help you set aside time to prepare your heart and discover anew the gift of total forgiveness.  

A Place for God - Mowbray Lent Book for 2018

A followup to ‘The Lent Factor’ which looked at 40 different people who embodied faith through the Lent season, A Place for God follows Graham James as he reflects on 40 different places  that inspire faith. Ranging from mountains to WWII bunkers to Opera Houses to his very own flat, Graham James uses each location to show how the places around us, both near and far, can influence us in discovering the divine.  

Not only will you see Lent anew, but world around you as well.

Dethroning Mammon

Dethroning Mammon

Despite being written for Lent last year, Justin Welby’s guide to money, and the crosses we hold close in our life as a society and as individuals remains as relevant and important as was last Lent. Challenging attitudes towards materialism, generosity and the welcoming of those in need, Dethroning Mammon speaks to to desire to better represent Christ on earth more with each passing day.

For even more new Lent books for 2018, be sure to check out our Lent resources page, here.

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