Top 8 Journaling Bibles

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Top 8 Journaling Bibles

In the margins of my old high-school notebooks are doodles of all kinds - most of which got me into some manner of trouble owing to the fact they were neither french verbs, nor diagrams of oxbow lakes. Now, however, doodling in the margins of books (well, Bibles) is encouraged thanks to journaling Bibles.

Made with a generally thicker paper and wider margins, this new vein of Bible encourages readers to be inspired, be creative, and to read its pages in their own unique way.

For anyone curious about creative Bible reading, or destined to be a doodler, here are our top picks of the Journaling Bibles available today.

Journaling Bibles 1-4

1. NLT Inspire Colouring Bible

Halfway between a Bible and an Adult Colouring Book, this is a journaling Bible for anyone who want to relax into God’s word. With intricate line images to fill in, as well as wide margins for notes and drawings, this is the ideal gift for anyone with an artistic eye. There is also a new range of Inspire Bibles that celebrate the inspiration of the Psalms, and come in a luscious purple binding. 

2. NIV Journaling Bible for Colouring In

With illustrations to colour by Stu McLellan, this Journaling Bible in the NIV text is an ideal all-family Bible. It has the space to explore the Bible together and a selection of unique images from the creator of ‘The Heavens and the Earth’ colouring book.

3. ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

Sometime these just isn’t enough space to jot down everything you find in the Bible. Some verses contain another Bible’s worth of depth alone. Giving readers as much space as possible, this Single Column Bible is all about making room for you. It’s super-wide margins allow you to write to your heart's content.

4. ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition

A premium Journaling Bible, the Illuminated ESV includes over 500 hand-lettered illustrations in gold ink, as well as a generous space for notes and designs of your own. Ideal for anyone with fine artistic sensibilities and an eye for the beauty of God’s word

Journaling Bibles 5678

5. KJV, Beautiful Word Bible, Large Print, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition

Known for its stirring verse, as much as its authentic text, the King James Version of the Bible gets its own Journaling edition with the Beautiful Word Bible. Bringing in elegant hand-designed images to compliment the translation, this edition strives for beauty on every page.

6. NIV Journalling Bible Illustrated by Hannah Dunnett

Sometimes it takes a spark to ignite a fire of imagination, and the images in this NIV Journaling Bible are just that spark. Created by artists Hannah Dunnett, the bright and exciting images in this Bible invite you to push out in Bible-inspired creativity.

7. NIV Journalling Brown Bible

A mixture of a Bible with the binding of a high-quality notebook. This journaling Bible is made to go where you go, giving you a place to reflect, write, and explore what God’s word has to say when you look closely and thoughtfully.

8. NIV Verse Mapping Bible

One to look forward to (it’s due for release in the summer of 2018), this is a whole new way to do Bible journaling. The verse mapping Bible gives you the space to examine closer than ever before the verses of God’s word. With this, you can break apart a single verse to see all the many truths, references, links, and depths contained within. Like having the key to a treasure chest, this new way of journaling helps you focus in one place, and find things you never knew you could before. The perfect way to read the Bible with depth and thoughtfulness.

Bible Journaling Extras

Ready to get going on Bible journaling? There are great resources available to help you dive into creative Bible reading - from high-quality colouring pencils by Veritas, to stickers tailor-made for placing in you Bible. There is also a guide to expressing yourself through Bible journaling, Art of Bible Journaling.


17th November

November 17th, 2017 - Posted & Written by Aaron Lewendon

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Nicola Collins

Nicola Collins

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Is there an Anglicised ESV journaling Bible yet? Or NKJV?

Wednesday, 21st February 2018 at 3:41PM

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