Top 10 Books Coming in 2018

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Top 10 Books for 2018

Every January hundreds of thousands of people commit to reading more. Whether that’s dusting off the half-finished novel currently propping up a family photo, or bumping-up an already considerable book list, reading more is consistently a well-begun but half-done pledge that rarely makes it to February. To make choosing your next favourite read a little easier, we’ve cherry-picked (in no particular order) what we think just might be some of the best books coming in 2018.

The Masterpiece Francine Rivers

The Masterpiece

Where would Christian Romance novels be without Francine Rivers? Her sweeping epics, both Bilibal and modern-day, have won the hearts of millions of readers the world over. Returning with The Masterpiece, she tells the story Grace Moore - a reluctant assistant to troubled artist Roman Velasco - as she tries to leave her turbulent past behind. A story of love and mercy to warm the heart, The Masterpiece is due for release this February

Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

Never afraid to ask the big questions, R.T. Kendall cuts away at the man-made Gospels of modern Christianity to get the the heart of what the Gospel is. Ideal for getting back to very core of Christianity that was demonstrated by Jesus is his time on earth, Whatever Happened to the Gospel is to today’s Church what Luther’s 95 Theses were to the Catholic Church at the time: a call to drop the artifice and indulgences of established faith, and find once more the real truth of Christianity. Due for release in February.

The Intercessions Resource Book

The Intercessions Resource Book

Few people today can be said as being actively engaged in equipping people to pray as John Pritchard. His Intercessions books provide an abundance of ideas and inspirations for Church leaders, small groups, and anyone wanting to speak with God on the behalf of another. Arranged to help you in any occasion, event, theme or need, The Intercessions Resource Book is ideal for re-energising your prayer life. Due for release in January. 

The Bible for Everyone

The Bible for Everyone

`Translating [the bible] is something that each generation ought to be doing’ - Tom Wright. Bold words met with this, a translation by John Goldingay and Tom Wright himself that seeks to show how God’s was meant to be read with understanding and insight by everyone. Updating the translations used in the ‘For Everyone’ study series, this complete Bible is compelling and relevant to today’s believers the world over. Due for release in March.

Reimagining Britain Justin Welby

Reimagining Britain

No stranger to gracing headlines with his reflections and comments on the momentous goings-on of the United Kingdom, Justin Welby offers up a considered and hopeful treatise on the much-misused notion of British values. Written for a post-Brexit environment, Reimagining Britain offers no defence or attack on either side of the ballot, but rather champions a Christian-based approach to building an inclusive and welcoming nation that mirrors God’s kingdom in heaven and on earth. Due for release in February. 

The Landscape of Faith Alister McGrath

The Landscape of Faith

In this thoughtful new book Alister McGrath examines Christianity as a whole. Weaving between his own story, a study of the Creeds, and a tour through the great themes of Christianity Alister McGrath advocates for the lasting importance of a faith that is self-knowing and aware of the core ideas that are at its foundation. Perfect for readers wanting a book with great substance and wisdom. Due for release in February. 

Phoebe Paula Gooder


Most debut novelists don’t have a small library of books to their name already, but Paula Gooder isn’t like most novelists. The undeniably-insightful author of books like Body, The Joy of the Gospel and Let Me Go There builds her first novel upon a firm ground of Theology and research. Telling the story of Phoebe and the church around 56 AD, this is an imaginative door to the challenges and insights of Pauline Theology. Due for release in April.  

Be the Hands and Feet Nick Vujicic

Be The Hands and Feet

Nick Vujicic is known around the world for inspiring people to do more than possible, and to believe in a God who believes in them. Be The Hands and Feet is Nick’s story of what happens when he followed Christ, and how the Good News of the Gospel is a hope for all humanity. The perfect book for anyone who feels called to live out God’s love and hope for those around them. Due for release in February. 

Paul Biography Tom Wright

Paul: A Biography

Tom Wright returns to this Top 10 list with a new biography of Paul of Tarsus, whose role in the early Church led him to be seen as a founder of Christianity as we know it. Tracing that influence, Tom Wright follows the life and words of Paul, his turnaround from persecutor to preacher, his journey across Europe, and his written legacy which challenges millions to this day. Due for release in February.


Shandong Paul Hattaway

Shandong: The Revival Province

For anyone who read The Heavenly Man and wants to discover more of the story of Christianity's growth in China. This is the first chapter in The China Chronicles, a series that inform readers of how the varying provinces in China saw Christianity come to them, and what happened afterwards. Due for release in January.

All of the books in this Top 10 list are available for pre-order now!

2nd January

January 2nd, 2018 - Posted & Written by Aaron Lewendon

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