Nick Page: God's Most Dangerous Writer?

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Author of the most eye-catching and provocative titles in the Christian book market, Nick Page's books are always provocative, dangerous and refreshingly well written.

Nick’s latest book in his novelised biography of the early church Kingdom of Fools retells the unlikely rise and radical message that still proves dangerous and counter cultural even today.


"Genuinely funny… he makes learning a pleasure." - Adrian Plass


Compelling, radical, irreverent and real

Described by Adrian Plass as a writer with "A genuinely funny sense of humour… he makes learning a pleasure," Nick Page is among the most original and captivating of Christian writers in Britain today. A rare talent, Nick manages to write, teach and entertain with his constructive, radical ideas without alienating or dividing his readers.

Author of over sixty books ranging from Christian drama and children’s books through practical church resources to secular history, Nick Page is the highly entertaining yet genuinely radical Christian writer with something for everyone.

Formerly director and writer for the Ambush Theatre Company in Watford, then Director of the Oasis Trust, Nick Page has a wide experience of engaging Christian and secular audiences with over 15 years of free-lance writing and public speaking.


Within and beyond the Christian audience

A sure sign of a good Christian writer is a Christian who finds success not only across the Christian genre but outside the Christian market too. Nick’s drama books brought a refreshingly light and witty theatricality to church drama. His Dame Cecily Spume Drama Notebooks provided a series of coarse acting techniques for Christians to avoid, while his 50 Sketches for Youth gave younger actors something relevant for their generation.

Now entering the world of thoroughly researched Bible based fiction, as well as providing grown-up guidance for doing church in the twenty-first century, Nick's openly Christian books line up alongside his apparenlty 'secular' offerings. Refusing to separate the two worlds, Nick Page’s The Tabloid Bible is complemented by his Tabloid Shakespeare - both with clever headlines and one-liners to make bard fans and Bible readers smile.

Describing himself as an ‘unlicensed historian’, Nick’s equally entertaining and enlightening historical works include an acclaimed biography of the real Tom Thumb, Lord Minimus. In this he brings to light the fascinating life Jeffrey Hudson, the smallest man who ever lived. Applying the same thoroughness to biblical revelation, Nick’s What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant (and other Bible mysteries) helps set the record straight with a story more intriguing that the Indiana Jones film.


Early church - truth with a radical edge

New for 2012, Nick’s Kingdom of Fools continues his un-stuffed biography of the early church from its unlikely beginnings to the most radical idea in world history. Continuing the story begun with The Wrong Messiah, Nick opens up the real story of Jesus Nazareth. Leading you through Jesus life and death, book two in the series tells of The Longest Week and Jesus’ last days. This the third book, Kingdom of Fools, charts the rise of the early church, its leaders and followers and just why its ideas are still so difficult for the world to comprehend.

Adding this new series to the entire works of Nick Page, he perfectly unites his passion for opening up the Bible with his love of historical research and his unique flair for creatively communicating truth. The dangerous and radical nature of early Christianity, and its revolutionary founder, is the ideal subject for Nick’s own style of writing and his personal approach to communicating through a blend of engaging humour, brilliant literary skill and practical application.


Ready to Read – Bible stories for the 5 to 7s

Specially written for young readers Nick’s Ready to Read series retells the greatest and best loved Bible stories in simple words and lively pictures. The collection of 6 titles – 4 stories from the Old Testament and 2 that Jesus told, gently encourage children’s reading skills and compliment their formal. learning.

Nick Page’s books to equip youth work and youth workers include Street Life, the companion book to Word on the Street devised in collaboration with Rob Lacey, Reality Bytes and an ideal choice for gifts and prizes and to mark special events in a young life, The Bible Book: A Users Guide.


"Reading the Bible… it’s a bit like going to the dentist."


Occupy the Bible – seminars and conferences

A favourite speaker at Spring Harvest, conference events and local churches up and down the country, Nick’s driving ambition is to make Bible reading a bit less like a trip to the dentist: something we know is good for us, but don’t expect to enjoy. Speaking and teaching, Nick bases brings the vitality and excitement of his books direct to a live audience. He's not simply a stand-up performer, Nick Page is an impassioned advocate for Christians to reoccupy the Bible – and enjoy it!

Claire Page, Nick’s wife,  teaches Voice and Communication at Wycliffe Hall. Together they make a perfect pair to lead workshops on all aspects of writing, communication and creativity. Starting point for many of their talks is Nick’s And Now for my 43rd Point. In his words; "a book is designed to put a rocket under the sermon". With his Now For a Time of Nonsense – which does the same thing for modern worship songs, Nick shows that he is not at all complacent or accepting of everything the Church has done with the dangerous message of Jesus.


Nick Page: where to start reading

If you’re interest is in Christian history and want something as thorough and authentic but more entertaining than Tom Wright’s Simply Jesus, the start by reading The Wrong Messiah for an engaging and radical retelling of the miraculous Jesus story.

If you’re a youth leader or working to make the gospels real and relevant, then start with Reality Bytes or Nick’s Rob Frost collaboration, Life on the Street. Other books for youthful readers include The Bible Book: A Users Guide, and The MAP: Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible and Practical.

Church leaders will find Nick Page entertaining and enlightening with very different ideas about how to get through to even the most church hardened congregations. Now For My 43rd Point offers practical tips for giving your sermons the kiss of life. Family and Celebration - written with his wife Claire, provide new and creative approaches to All Age Worship.

Children and younger readers will enjoy Nick’s writing style and find their imagination stimulated and their literacy skills developed with his Ready to Read Series for 5 to 7s.

Adult readers will find entertaining Bible based reads that challenge with radical ideas. God’s Dangerous Book, The Church Invisible and Now For A Time of Nonsense provide a wryly critical look at where the church is today. and what to do about it. For a well researched and written fact based historical mystery, try his What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant (and other Bible mysteries).


Nick Page: the not-so-trivial files

Nick says that when he grows up he wants to be George Orwell. He describes C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce as "One of the few books on heaven that makes you actually want to go there."

Quick Guide to Nick Page: God's dangerous author

Who is he?

  • Entertaining writer of more than 60 books across the Christian and secular genres.
  • Author with a wry sense of humour and radical approach to opening up the Bible.
  • Creator of God's Dangerous Book, The Wrong Messiah and Now For Time of Nonsense.

What will his books give me?

  • Compelling reads to carry you back to the enjoyment and excitement of Bible reading.
  • Funny yet encouraging views of the church, Christ's radical message and what to do.
  • Resources to help you open God's most dangerous book to adults, youth and children.
19th April

April 19th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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