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How To Do Family Worship

The Editor

Little Worship Company

I’ve always been inspired by the Jewish idea of a Shabbat Meal on a Friday night: candles, a special dinner and everyone sitting down, sharing faith and talking together. Unfortunately, my Friday nights usually consist of wrestling kids to swimming lessons, lost goggles, baked beans on toast and someone losing the plot – myself included!

As a family we have tried many ways to share faith with our children and many things work for a season. At the moment we are using the Little Worship Company devotionals on a Monday morning, trying to set the tone for week - putting God first in everything we do.

I have three children, the older two love to read the Bible verses and what the puppets say. I then read the reflection and we all chat about what it means. Today it was about what makes us special. Whether that is being able to stand on your head, play football or decorate cupcakes really well, we learnt about how God has made us special and that we are all unique – one of a kind.

Little Worship Company Praise Party

We save the craft for after school which means we can then re-iterate the Bible verse and save the mess until Daddy gets home! With pyjamas on we will watch a Little Worship Company DVD before bedtime, then prayer and kisses and bed, with hopefully not too many footsteps creeping back down the stairs!

Sharing faith with small children is chaotic, messy and interrupted, but it’s those interruptions which give chance for the conversations and moments where you can share you own faith, ask God to intervene and give thanks. The Little Worship Company resources provide the support to create those moments, foundations and opportunities to discover God together.

Little Worship Company DVDs and Devotionals are available now.

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