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Growing in appreciation with a character distinct from that of the New International Version, and American paraphrases, mature new cover designs and quality bindings are helping The English Standard Version (ESV) reclaim its rightful place in the centuries old English Church tradition of accurate word-for-word translation.

ESV (English Standard Version) Bibles give you all the poetry and rhythms of the King James Version (KJV) Bible plus the easy readability and clarity of modern spoken English. Directly descended from the King James Version (KJV), you’ll notice little different in the ESV other than the revision of the archaic terms ‘thou and thine’ to the no less reverential ‘you and yours’.

This new ESV Thinline edition is the easy to carry nothing-but-the Bible edition of the latest English Standard Text. With a style that’s unmistakably English rather than an American paraphrase, it includes unobtrusive verse numbers and a choice of covers that are at the same time stylishly modern, lively and seriously mature.


Recognisable words and Biblical phrases

The ESV Thinline keeps to the recognisable words and Biblical phrases of the King James Bible.

Genesis still opens with an earth that is without form and ‘void’ rather than merely ‘empty’ and in the Ten Commandments you ‘shall not’ rather than must not. Still in the ESV Old testament, Psalm 23 says that, because the Lord is my shepherd ‘I shall not want’ rather than ’have everything I need’.

In the New Testament, our Father’s name in Heaven is still ‘hallowed’ rather than ‘kept holy’ and the poor in spirit, the meek and those who mourn are still ‘blessed’ rather than only ‘happy’. Signing off in Revelation, the grace of the Lord is will be reassuringly ‘with all’, and not just to his ‘holy people’.


UK English spellings and word forms

Where most Bibles published and printed by US based printers and distributors use American spellings and word forms, The ESV Thinline edition is reset with the more acceptable UK English spellings.

The fully anglicised ESV text means that words like ‘colour’ and ‘glorious’ are given their English rather than American spelling – even though the spine of the Bible declares itself ‘anglicized’ rather than ‘anglicised’. In the familiar two-column format of traditional Bibles, the text flows naturally with verse numbers clearly yet unobtrusively inserted for accurate location and referencing.


Accurate word for word translation system

The helpful introduction outlines the heritage of the ESV and explains why its ‘word-for-word’ translation is considered more accurate than the ‘dynamic equivalence’ and ‘paraphrase’ approach of most recent Bible versions.


The whole English Bible and nothing but the Bible

Uncluttered with the information, maps and charts common in Bibles of a similar size, the pages of the ESV Thinline are fully given to the biblical text only and the most important cross references.

This purity of content gives you a more durable, better quality paper than previous editions together with an easy to read print in a clear 9 point font. This makes for a more practical Bible to take with you and read wherever you are.

At the back of the ESV Thinline, there’s a concise concordance that links all the important names, themes and places. A brief conversion table gives all the biblical weights and measures as their equivalent values in modern units.


A traditional Bible with a new tradition of quality

Just to show that you can judge a book by its cover, the ESV Thinline comes in a range of high quality bindings and designs. The newest, and most mature looking covers include a smart and manly navy and tan edition. This has a beautifully soft-feel that lets the Bible open flat without straining the binding. Gold colour page edges add a refined finish even though, unfortunately, there is no a place-marking ribbon.

More feminine and with a brighter, more lively style is the ESV Thinline in fuchsia pink and silver finished page edges. With textured soft feel leather, this Bible weighs less than half a bag of sugar and is easy to slip into your bag and carry with you anywhere you go.

Quick Guide to ESV Anglicised Thinline Bible in soft leather

  • Translation:         English Standard Version (ESV)
  • Method:              Word-for-word (not a paraphrase)
  • Related to KJV:   Direct descendant (recognisable KJV language)
  • Spelling:             UK English
  • Text size:           9 point (normal, fine)
  • Type:                 Traditional full-text (not a study or other specialist Bible)
  • Layout:              Two column, paragraphed with verses, cross referenced
  • Size/weight:       Size and weight of an average hardback novel
  • Covers:              Soft feel flexible, fine leather
  • Design:              Thinline, beautiful feel, fuchsia pink or mature navy/tan
  • Extras:               Concordance, introduction, ESV history
  • Practicality:        Easy to handle, carry, read and lay flat

Is the ESV Anglicised Thinline Bible in soft feel leather for you?

  • Definitely YES: for an easy to carry and use full-text only ESV Bible in modern UK English with a KJV heritage and fine quality soft leather covers with a mature feel
  • Probably NO: for historical, background information and maps, large print, rigid covers or youth/teenage reference.
10th February

February 10th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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