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There’s no point in giving the new-to-faith, or even the established-in-church, soft answers to hard questions. Sooner or later the soft surface wears through. And if there’s nothing solid to find underneath, even the most experienced believer will be left without a faith to support them when they need it most.

The original book, Christianity Explored starts in the hard places; the places where faith is most tested, most needed and most valuable. Created by a team of Bible teachers and communicators, headed by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper, the book's associated DVD, online and print based material is helping people world wide to put down a solid foundation of faith.

The idea behind the course is simple: put people at their ease, make them comfortable, let them ask and say what they need to, and don’t put anyone under pressure to say, do, or commit to anything that they’re not ready for. Above all, show you're not afraid of the tough questions – even when you don’t know the answer.

New, Old and Not-Yet Christians Ask the Questions

In that non-threatening, all inclusive environment the tough questions soon come. From; 'You can't trust the Bible, can you?' through 'Hasn't science shown that Christianity is wrong?' and
'If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?' to 'Why bother with church? ' and 'Why are Christians so old-fashioned about sex? '

The course creators know that glib answers just won’t do. So they don’t give any. Instead the let real people tell their own stories of how they encountered the same questions, looked to the Bible for at least part of the answer, and let change happen.

Real Encounters with God, Changed Lives

Typical stories include those like Ivan's: 'I thought it was all made up of fantasies and myths.' And Deb's: 'While high on heroin, I started reading the Bible.' And even Aathi's story: 'People who knew me probably thought I already was a Christian.'

Through this open and honest approach, old, new, not-yet and no-not-me Christians are helped to see that, really, it's all about one life - the life of Jesus; and it can be summed up in the questions: Who is Jesus, Why did Jesus Come, What does it mean for us?

Christianity Explored: Where Do You Start?

If you’re thinking that Christianity Explored fits the bill for you, your home group, church, college or institution then your next question might be 'where to start?' Offering an inexpensive way to get more detail, The Original Book, The DVD, Leader’s Guide and Participant Guides are available separately, as well as conveniently packaged in a complete Starter Pack.

Further guides, high impact publicity and giveaway gospels are also available - and there are specialist CY courses for 11-14s as well as for institutions such as The Prisons Edition, allowing you to present a welcoming, competent and complete week by week invitation to explore Christianity for wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds.

21st March

March 21st, 2013 - Posted & Written by Aaron Lewendon

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