JESUS CULTURE: the book - living a life that transforms the world by Liebscher Banning

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Born out of the 1999 youth project at Bethel Church, Redding California, Jesus Culture is a worldwide brand, band and vision of worldwide revival.
With an agenda of massive conference events, training resources, music festivals and bestselling music Jesus Culture has swept to fame as one of today’s most ambitious youth outreach programmes.
Behel Church’s youth programme leader, Banning Liebscher, brings together the Jesus Culture vision, purpose and practice in a his book Jesus Culture – living a life that transforms the world.

Jesus Culture: a new breed of revivalist

Banning Liebscher’s book, Jesus Culture is completely aligned with the global revival vision of Bethel Church, Redding, California and led by Bill Johnson.
 The book calls for - indeed prophesies, a new breed of ‘blazing heart’ revivalists to calling cities and nations back to God. According to Banning, these revivalists are marked by four characteristics:

  •  They honour, and align themselves with those who went before, walking with the grace and authority of spiritual fathers and mothers.
  • They show themselves as ‘the burning ones’ with a passionate love for the extravagant love of Jesus and respond to his great love for all and humankind.
  • They live a life of prayer, inspired to boldly approach Heaven and call on the Lord to turn the nations back to him.
  • They walk in the radical love of God and live in the realm of the supernatural with healing, signs and wonders and prophecy as a normal part of life.

Banning offers insight, examples and practical application on how this will be achieved by this new breed, unafraid to stand up and stand out for God during this crucial time in history.

Jesus Culture: a vision of revival on a global scale

In his debut title, 'Jesus Culture', Banning Liebscher talks about his vision of a world responding to God through this new breed of emerging revivalists.

Banning says that we live in the greatest hour of history with revival sweeping across the globe. An important feature of this is transforming revival is the restoration to the Church of signs and wonders, healing, and the supernatural.
All of this, says Banning, is taking place because of God's heart for cities and nations. God, he insists, is releasing a new breed of revivalist to answer his longing for cities and nations to turn back to him and for society to be revolutionized.

Jesus Culture: revival aligned to those who went before

In evidence, Banning calls on the witness of those who went before with examples of the revivalist message as carried by the Old Testament prophets including Moses, Joshua, and Elisha.
Perhaps the prophet most in line with Banning’s vision of a new-breed revivalist is Jonah. Banning explains that God's heart yearned for the city of Nineveh. So God commissioned Jonah, anointed him and sent him to deliver his message of redemption.
 Jonah became the answer to God's cry. For Banning, it’s the same today. In the midst of deep darkness, God is raising up believers who have the glory of the Lord rising on them. The Jesus Culture book is Banning’s response to that call. author snapshot – Liebscher Banning

Liebscher Banning & SeaJay Liebscher are the Directors of Jesus Culture at Bethel Church, Redding, California with responsibility for youth and young adult ministry. Dedicated to mobilizing a new breed of revivalists, Jesus Culture leads conferences, music events, training and publishes supporting resources.
Prior to this, Banning was Bethel Church’s youth pastor and lead overseer for the Second Year Programme at the Church’s School of Supernatural Ministry.  Banning's stated passion is to see people fall madly in love with Jesus.

His vision is for a new breed of revivalists to demonstrate the power of God, and give themselves to a life of prayer for worldwide revival. His purpose through Jesus Culture is to ignite a prayer movement and raise up and release healing revivalists in cities around the world.
Banning & SeaJay have three children, Ellianna, Raya, and Lake.

Quick Guide to

Quick guide Jesus Culture – book by Banning Liebscher

 The Jesus Culture Book - what is it?

  •  The Jesus Culture mission of raising a new breed of revivalist as envisioned by the author Banning Liebscher.
  • The mission and motivation behind one of the big brands in youth oriented worship music and large scale worship events.
  • An inspiration for revival on the grand scale with a vision of cities and nations being transformed and returning to God.

 The Jesus Culture Book - why should I want it?

  • To understand the Jesus Culture and Bethel Church, Redding vision of a new breed of revivalist and revival on a global scale.
  • As an inspiration for the leading revival and the four characteristics envision by Banning Liebscher for the new breed of ‘burning ones’.
  • As an introduction to the Jesus Culture mission for fans of the band’s music.

Over to You

What about you?

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.

Jesus Culture has a very strong brand image both in its bestselling worship music and in its message of global revival.

  • Have you an experience of using Jesus Culture books and resources in your personal reflections or in your youth outreach?
  • What difference did it make to your spiritual life or to your church, and what’s the single biggest tip you’d pass on to anyone thinking of adopting the Jesus Culture vision and resources?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips - bizarre and brilliant at

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February 15th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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