15 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained This Half Term

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May Half Term feels like the most overlooked of the school holidays. There isn’t the excited anticipation of Christmas, or the promise of pancakes as we move into Lent, or the joyous celebrations of Easter.

Instead, its tantalising close to the Summer Holidays but for many those balmy days are still a long way off, shrouded by coursework deadlines, revision and exams.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

For one, there’s a pretty good chance of sunshine! Secondly, we’re sharing an action-packed plan for keeping children of all ages entertained.

15 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

1.The Prayer Experiment Notebook

Great for growing children’s enthusiasm for prayer this colourful, doodle-filled notebook includes creative prayer ideas from lego to sandpaper to den building. There are dozens of prayer ideas in this handy little notebook, guaranteed to engage children of all ages.

Why not take a sneak-peak at an experiment with our exclusive extract?

2.Doodle Through God’s Creation

Put those restless hands to task with these wacky and whimsical illustrations waiting for children to doodle, scribble, colour and explore. Each spread features some simple sketches to complete, and a Scripture verse you can look up and read together.

3.Diary of a Disciple Activity and Colouring Book

Get stuck into the brilliant story of Luke - a Doctor who sees amazing miracles, a disciple who follows Jesus wherever he goes, and a doodler whose tale is like no other. Filled with puzzling puzzles and miraculous miracles, Luke's story is made to amaze!

15 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

4.Bake Through the Bible

Get those mixing bowls out, tie on an an apron. Ready… Set… Bake!

This book contains 20 Bible stories, told in a simple, engaging style, that take your child through the whole storyline of the Bible. Each story is supported by a cooking activity that reinforces the main teaching, along with questions to discuss while cooking, and a simple recap to use when enjoying what they've cooked.

5.Play Through the Bible

Whilst you’re waiting for those baked delights to cool, it’s time to play! Written for busy parents, Play through the Bible is for parents and teachers who want their little ones to know Jesus personally, but find it hard to teach them or just don't know where to start. This book complements what they are already doing with 20 stories about Jesus in simple words and picture.

6.Bible for Minecrafters: Life of Jesus

The lure of the screen can be a bit too much sometimes, and that’s not always a bad thing! Minecraft is a fantastic computer game which encourages creativity and resourcefulness.

But when those little eyes need a break, you can pry them away with the colourful minecraft Bible series!

Using the striking 3-D worlds of Minecraft in an exciting new way, this storybook tells over 9 stories the life of Jesus, from miraculous birth to powerful death and resurrection, with simple language, vivid images, and gentle humour. A whole new way to see the life of Jesus.

7.My Bible Sticker Backpack

Long car journey on the horizon? Or perhaps a flight? The beautifully-illustrated sticked book features a carry-me handle which allows children to carry the book with them wherever they go.

Including over 1000 stickers and bursting with drawing and colouring activities, My Bible Sticker Book is due to captivate and engage.

15 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

8.Amazing Agents of God

In this new series, Andy Robb uses his unique storytelling style to portray Bible characters such as Abraham, Daniel, Ruth, Paul and Priscilla as agents on a mission from God.

In reading the agents' reports, the imaginations of young readers can be transported to the middle of thrilling life-changing episodes

9.Paper Plate Bible Crafts

Transform the humble paper-plate into something amazing with these 58 tried-and-tested ideas. Alongside the paper plate, each craft uses basic, everyday materials such as card, felt-tipped pens, scissors and glue and can be completed as suggested or adapted to suit the needs and skills of the children.

10.Superbook: A Giant Adventure

Join the adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to meet David in the hills of ancient Bethlehem. Witness how Goliath- a champion warrior who sneers at God is no match for the faith of a young shepherd boy.

Combining beautiful graphics with powerful Bible stories, this is a DVD to watch again and again.

11.Happy Together

Is any children’s entertainment list complete without these lovable veggies? For kids of all ages, they’ll be engaged by the silly songs and super stories of God’s love.

Happy Together is a collection of classic VeggieTales, three episodes that explore in a fun and faith-filled way about what friendships, family, and following God all means.

15 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

12.Essential Songs for Kids - Every Move I Make

Get children on their feet and dancing!

'Every Move I Make' showcases 12 sensational songs of praise for kids written by top songwriters including Doug Horley, Nick & Becky Drake, Big Ministries and Pete James.

13.Walking with Jesus - Flying Disc and Pouch

Cabin fever setting in? Pack up a picnic, slap on the suncream and head outside!

This flying disc is soft and durable, it can be used almost anywhere (just watch out for grandma’s china collection!)

The take-along pouch includes instructions for a group game with ten different Bible verses.

14.Everyone a Child Should Know

Featuring 52 men and women of faith, this is the perfect go-to book for inspirational stories and wondrous acts.

From Brother Andrew to John Wycliffe, and from Florence Nightingale to Katie Luther, these are the people who made a difference. Their inspiring stories come from all over the world, from all walks of life, and all kinds of backgrounds high and low to change the lives of the people around them. They are the world-changers, the light-bringers.

15.Bright Ones CD

The highly anticipated follow up to ‘Come Alive’, Bright Ones combines catchy tunes with powerful lyrics of hope and truth.

Mixing new songs with covers of today’s popular worship tracks, Bright Ones is a modern release for children today,  as well as the pop and party of some of the songs, there are also moving ballads like “No Longer Slaves” and "You're Gonna Be Ok" which speak to the problems kids may face in life and school and faith.

Phew! I’m shattered just writing that list!

If you find time, why not give us a tweet and let us know how you spent your Half Term.


22nd May

May 22nd, 2018 - Posted & Written by Laura White

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