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A full selection of taper candles available to buy for Churches and other use. Discover the history and how tapers are made

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Tapers are long thin sticks of wax with a wick in the middle that are most commonly used in churches. Tapers are used for most Christian church services including Mass, Christening and Weddings. Traditionally Tapers are one of the oldest and simplest methods of candle making, as they just involve dipping a long string of wick in wax to create a long, thin candle.

Tapers and candles have ideological meaning in Church for Christians and no Christian service is held without them. Taper ends can be recycled and reused to create more as long as they are clean

Candles are used in Church during Christian services to remind us of God presence and his endless love for us and the world that never stops burning. Candles and light, both are a symbol of the glory and Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ In the Church (Matthew 8:28; Revelation 1:12-13 and 2:1) and so candles should be lit for honouring the Lord. 

Did you know that the earliest made candle was made from whale fat by the Chinese and tapers were first made with wax from insects and seeds.

Eden provides pack of tapers that are available to but for you church supplies and to bring great light to your world and your Church to remember the spirit of Jesus Christ and the endless love from God.