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Gerard Kelly - Speaker, Author, Tweeter

 Gerard Kelly

Best known for his work with Spring Harvest, his books including the bestselling Spoken Worship and his inspiring devotional 'Twitturgies', Gerard Kelly's passion for God, the Church and impacting real people everyday is always evident. 


As a speaker Gerard is always in demand throughout the UK and further afield.  Now based in Normandy at the Bless missional community (a network started by Gerard and his wife Chrissie) he is committed to equipping young leaders across Europe - helping them reach out to their communities, find their place in the mission of God and change the world around them.  The Bless Network currently work alongside churches in the UK, France, The Netherlands (where Gerard was previously Pastor of Crossroads International Church in Amsterdam), Croatia and Spain.

Gerard's adoption of technology has led to his reach into the lives of Christian's around the globe via his daily 'Twitturgies' the first 20 month's worth are featured in his book of the same name.

Kelly's latest book Church Actually (the 2012 theme for Spring Harvest) explores four of the 'brilliant ideas' inherent in God's design of the Church.