There are no Strong People: Jeff Lucas

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Based on the life of Samson, Jeff Lucas' breathtakingly honest book explores some vital principles for living a Godly life despite a tendency to weakness and failure.

Jeff Lucas describes Samson as a lost soul and invites us to lay aside our prejudices today and take a fresh look at the man.

Where some find him morally corrupt others see a reflection of Christ in his story. Whatever your view, 'There Are No Strong People' sheds new light on Samson's story, Israel's story, God - and your's too.


There are no strong people, only people with strength." Jeff Lucas


Politically motivated suicide bomber

Jeff Lucas reveals that in Jewish tradition Samson is a hero with elite groups in the Israeli army named after him. The truth though is that Samson broke into Jewish history at a time of spiritual weakness and a national wandering from God.
The opposite standpoint is to consider only Samson's weaknesses and write him off as a failed politician, maverick and oversexed muscle man who brought about his own end in an act of politically frustrated self destruction.


Man of violence and sexual scandal

The Christian Church doesn’t quite know what to do with Samson either. His story is told in Sunday school – with the sex and violence underplayed, but most adults want to sweep his story quietly under the biblical carpet.

Samson is a man of God who lived badly." - Jeff Lucas

In 'There Are No Strong People' Jeff Lucas examines what we are to do with this Biblical enigma and what we can learn from him today. A combination of hero and failure Samson shows extreme versions of our own strengths and weaknesses.


How not to make a mess of your life

Exploring some vital principles for living life well, 'There Are No Strong People' gets to heart of what drives us off course. It’s all about our cravings, claims Jeff, asking the big questions: 

Divided into four smaller books, each centres on a key tipping point in Samson's life. With his own insight and clarity, Jeff takes a close and personal look at Samson as his life unfold.

    What is it we really all crave?
    Do good people do bad things?
    What do we do when we’re disappointed?
    Are there clear steps towards success – and disaster?
    Why are churches the perfect environment to nurture immorality?
    Why is unresolved anger so destructive?


Unprejudiced look at a Biblical rascal

Jeff Lucas asks if it’s possible to be hugely blessed – even called by God, and still make a mess of your life. In his unique provocative and sometimes shockingly honest style Jeff takes an unprejudiced fresh look at the Bible's infamous rascal.

Considering related topics of  propaganda, happiness, 'me'-centredness, eroticism, accountability, anger and disappointment Jeff shows how disaster is never far away.


Light on Samson, God and your story

'There Are No Strong People' ultimately asks you to really think, re-evaluate and dig deeper into this provocative and strangely contemporary story of human principles and weakness.

In a fresh appraisal of the Bible’s weakest strongman, you will see your own life in a new light as you reflect on Samson’s physical and spiritual journey.


Samson: the not-so-trivial files

Israel’s deliberately obscure deterrence strategy of massive, last resort retaliation with nuclear weapons against nations whose attacks threatened its existence was code named the Samson option.

Quick Guide to There Are No Strong People

What is it?

  • Timely re-examination of the life of the Bible's weakest strongman: Samson.
  • Fresh light on his story and its relevance to your own relationship with God.
  • A journey to the heart of wha makes us weak and how to find spiritual strength.

What will it do for me?

  • Begin to answer the big questions of why even good people do bad things.
  • Give you some clear steps toward avoiding Samson-like disasters in life.
  • Help you understand and defeat the cravings that undermine your strength
9th March

March 9th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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