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Prayer Books Every Christian Should Read

Aaron Lewendon - Category Manager

Helping you speak to God about anything and everything, these essential prayer books are a crash course on getting to grips with prayer.

Featuring the best prayer books of recent years and some hidden gems, these are prayer books every Christian should read at least once.

15: How to Pray by Pete Greig

This is the best introduction to prayer. Period. It takes a no-nonsense, no prior knowledge approach to showing you just what prayer is and how to pray. It's a self-described "simple guide for normal people" and essential for knowing what prayer is all about.

14: How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

Sometimes it's the timeless teaching that shines the most. Also titled How to Pray, R.A. Torrey's book is a similarly no-nonsense guide to prayer. A noted evangelist, educator and teacher, R.A. Torrey's book comes from an expert instructor and life-long believer - and at 96 pages, you'll swiftly get to grips with the essentials of prayer.

13: Prayer by Stephen Cottrell

From first steps to a life-long journey, this book from the current Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell addresses the key questions newer believers have about prayer and what it's all about. Prayer also includes some easily memorised prayers to help get you started.

12: Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference by Philip Yancey

Taking you along for the ride, Philip Yancey takes a journey of discovery as he explores what prayer is and does and whether we even need to pray in the first place. A true modern classic and essential book for believers the world over.

11: Finding God in the Psalms by Tom Wright

Taking us into the prayers of the Bible, Tom Wright turns his expert knowledge onto unpacking the Psalms as a kind of 'spiritual manifesto' for prayer. This seminal book bridges the gaps between prayer, the Bible and life as a Christian.

10: A Rhythm of Prayer by Sarah Bessey

Prayer is a part of life as much as it is a part of faith. Just like life, prayer also has its rhythms. Up and downs, busy times and quiet, rough times and smooth. In A Rhythm of Prayer, Sarah Bessey matches up the two sets of rhythms into a way of living that fully incorporates prayer. The meditations featured in it offer a sense of nourishment and strength for all believers.

9: Before Amen by Max Lucado

Prayer doesn't need to be complicated. In fact, it's better if things are kept as simple as possible. In Before Amen, Max Lucado helps you meet God in every part of life. You'll also discover how prayer is not a form of competitive eloquence, but a space for you to meet God with complete honesty and openness.

8: How to Hear God by Pete Greig

Following up his bestselling book How to Pray (also featured!), Pete Geig helps make prayer a two-way street as you learn ways of listening to God as much as talking to Him.

7: Hearing God by Dallas Willard

Put simply, prayer is communicating with God. Like the life-long conversations with a loved one, prayer is based on a deep relationship over time. In Hearing God by Dallas Willard, that deep sense of communication is explored, opening up a way to build a conversational relationship with the creator of the universe.

6: How To Pray by C.S. Lewis

Taking bits and pieces from the entire span of C.S. Lewis's work, including books, essays and articles, each page of How to Pray is a nugget of prayerful insight. You'll find wisdom that is both spiritual and practical, and written with the captivating style of the man who made the Narnia series of books.

5: Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools by Tyler Staton

Prayer isn't always easy, but it's one of the most important things we can do. In this practical and inspiring book, Tyler Staton-national director of the 24/7 Prayer movement gives us permission to look at our doubts and disappointments and equips us to embrace a new way of coming to God in prayer.

4: I'm Praying for You by Nancy Guthrie

Knowing a loved one is suffering and there is nothing you can do to help is a truly heartbreaking experience. In her book, 'I'm Praying For You', Nany Guthrie helps you find the words and prayers to ask for God to move and reveal His purposes in the midst of dark days.

3: A Praying Life by Paul Miller

There is a lot in the world that was made to be distracting. 99.99% are probably on your phone (I know mine are). A Praying Life by Paul Millar has one simple aim: to break down every single thing that gets in the way of prayer. That can be a lack of confidence, not knowing what to say, or those pesky distractions that divert our attention away from better things.

2: God on Mute by Pete Greig

Written with complete honesty, including about the tough times in his own life where God didn't seem to answer prayer, Pete Greig's God on Mute was a complete gamechanger of a book when it was released. For the first time, here was a book that understood what it felt like when God seemed not to care about our prayer. God on Mute goes deeper into unanswered prayer and comes out the other side with a message of real hope for believers.

1: Prayer by Tim Keller

There is a paradox at the heart of prayer. Somehow, prayer is both quiet and intimate, yet also a way of speaking with power and in complete wonderment. I can't think of any other book that fires up believers to pray more than Tim Keller's Prayer. It clearly and helpfully unites our deepest desires for connection and intimacy with the ways that prayer with God can meet those needs. It will light a fire under you to pray like never before.

What prayer books changed your life? Let us know below.

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