NIV Bible for Children with stories and CD

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The new NIV Children’s Bible is the clear and colourful full text NIV Bible that let’s 8 to 12s discover the great Bible stories for themselves. Standing ready to lead them into a growing relationship with God’s word, this is the Bible that gives children delightful colour pictures, simplified stories to read and hear and the full text of a grown up Bible.

The new NIV Bible for Children is the first fully anglicised (UK English grammar and spellings) NIV Bible to put child-friendly retellings of Bible stories alongside the full text of a ‘grown-up’ NIV Bible - just like mum and dad's Bible.

An exciting addition to this fully revised NIV edition is a CD of MP3 recordings of Bible stories read by TV actor Russell Boulter (Casualty, Judge John Deed, Heartbeat and The Bill). With the delightful illustrations seen in the award winning Big Bible Storybook, 8 to 12 year olds will find this new edition gives them an easy way in to their own first full-text Bible.


Full text Bible with child-friendly story versions

All the most memorable and important stories are retold in simple language and easy to read print of about 150 words. This means the best Bible stories can be read in minutes – parents can read to children and lead early readers word by word through the stories for themselves. With every story there’s the original Bible reference so it’s easy to flip into the NIV text and answer the inevitable question and demand for more from active young minds.

Each story is printed in colour and illustrated with delightful photographs of rag-doll and bean-bag puppets acting out the story behind the text. The stories and pictures are a development of the popular Big Bible Storybook that children aged 0 to 5 and their parents have already learned to love. The Big Bible Storybook was awarded Children's Book of the Year at the Christian Booksellers Convention in 2008, so this new Bible designed for children between 8 and 12 already has a winning track record.


Bible stories to read, share and hear on MP3 CD

A unique feature of this fully updated NIV edition, is that each NIV Children’s Bible includes a CD collection of all the Bible stories. Recorded in crystal clear MP3 format, the CD will play on computers, laptops and most recent hi-fi equipment and car entertainment systems. Even if your current home hi-fi can’t play MP3 files, they can be easily transferred to personal devices and players including many smart phone platforms.

The NIV Children’s Bible is the ideal Bible gift for children 8 to 12. It’s one of the few Bibles that will actually grow with the child offering more and more of the whole Bible as children become more able and demanding. This will become a Bible to treasure. While young people in their mid teens may grow up to demand more adult Bibles, this will be the one they remember and store away as their first journey into the greatest stories ever gathered together.


Child friendly stories with grown-up Bible text

For the growing and inquiring child, the NIV Bible for Children includes guides and resources to help them go deeper into the stories they learnt to love in their younger years. ‘Bible-at-glance’ tables help children to join up the books of the whole Bible. All the names of key people, places and themes are clearly located with their scripture references, and a quick overview of what each Bible book is all about.

To encourage personal and regular Bible study, there are Bible reading guides on themes including ‘Discovering the Old Testament’, ‘Discovering Jesus’ and ‘Discovering Paul’. Readings for good times and bad are offered for those times of great change in the life of growing children as they experience natural feelings of fear, doubt and worry as well as those more hurtful times of loneliness, anxiety, victimisation and bereavement.

But these useful pages are for later. The immediate joy of the NIV Bible for Children for the 8 to 12s, with its stories and MP3 CD, is its simple retellings of all the great Bible stories concisely, simply and with delightful pictures all in easy to read words and with captivating MP3 recordings.


More about the new fully anglicised NIV Bible

Over its 25 years of readership, The New International Version has become the world's most loved modern English Bible. Renowned for its combination of reliability and readability this edition features the the NIV’s first full revision and update for in its quarter century of service to Bible readers, students and pastor.

This special child-friendly edition gives 8s to 12s a real grown-up NIV Bible they can take to church and learn how to follow the Bible readings - just like mum and dad, or big brother and sister. At home, its child friendly features, colourful pages, recorded stories, bright covers and Bible dictionary make it a delightful story book introduction to the whole Bible.

Quick Guide to NIV Bible for Children with MP3 CD

What is it?

  • Complete NIV Bible text in clear and readable 9pt text.
  • Full colour presentations of easy-to-read Bible stories.
  • MP3 recordings of stories read by Russell Boulter.
  • Dictionary of events and people of the Bible.
  • Daily reading plan and Bible history timeline.
  • Inspiration and help from the Bible in different life situations.
  • UK English spellings, punctuation and grammar.
  • Colourful and strong hard, durable cover.
  • For children aged 8 to 12 years.
  • Ideal follow-on Bible from The Big Bible Storybook.

What will do for me?

  • Give you a child-friendly introduction to the grown up, full text NIV Bible in UK English.
  • Let you share, read and hear the most memorable and important Bible stories in simple words.
  • Provide an ideal first Bible with colourful pictures from the award winning Big Bible Storybook.
25th October

October 25th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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