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Matt Redman Let There Be Wonder Review

Aaron Lewendon - Category Manager

The Eden review of Let There Be Wonder, the all-new live album from UK Worship leader Matt Redman.

Matt Redman Let There Be Wonder banner

What makes good worship music?

I’m going to be bold and offer an answer: Good worship music perfectly communicates true faith to an even truer God. It’s not just about the sound. After all, from stripped-back living room praise to wordless musical soaking to immersive concert worship, there is no uniform sound of modern worship. But whenever someone mentions modern worship music, one person who comes to mind nine times out of ten is Matt Redman. And that’s because he knows what makes for good worship music. His new album ‘Let There Be Wonder’ demonstrates this more than any other.

Throughout its immense runtime, ‘Let There Be Wonder’ seeks to provoke a sense of awe by exploring God from a wide range of names and characteristics. Bookending this all, though, is the driving single ‘The Same Jesus’ which reminds us that amongst the infinite ways we see Jesus, He remains constant and unchanging. The song is both instinctively memorable and encompasses the whole album’s message:

O He’s the First and the Last

The Beginning and End

At the sound of His cry

All the world came alive

From God’s majesty in ‘King Jesus’ to His closeness and compassion in ‘Merciful Father’, you discover and rediscover a sense of awe at the infiniteness of Him. Matt Redman has done something truly impressive here. He has created an album that really gels, that features a single message which permeates the release’s entire runtime. Each song builds on the last, deepening and developing all the ways God provokes wonder.

As lofty as this all sounds, the songs are still grounded and easy to pick up. Tracks like ‘All Praise’ feel so natural to sing that you’d swear you’d always known it. Perfect for church services. The lines are short but powerful, full of terse Matt Redman-isms - those two-or-three word lines such as “the same Jesus”, “you’re rich in love”, and “Jesus your name” which pepper the album and stick with you long after the last line has been sung out loud.

Matt Redman Let There Be Wonder Album

Let There Be Wonder is big, bold, and brings some of the best songs of Matt Redman’s career to date.

Let There Be Wonder by Matt Redman is due for release on the 31st January 2020. Pre-order your copy here!

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