GRAMMY 'Best Christian Song' Award for Laura Story

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Emotional responses to the tragic death of soul singer Witney Houston, and the popular success of sextuple award winner Brit music star Adele, combined to make GRAMMY night 2012 the most memorable in recent years. GRAMMY night 2012 was also a night of awards and accolade for top Christian singer and songwriter Laura Story.

Taking ‘Best Contemporary Christian Music Song’ with her own composition ‘Blessings’ from her album of the same name, this was Laura Story's first album release since her 2008 debut solo album ‘Great God Who Saves’ that won her a Dove Award for Inspirational Album and second consecutive nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year.

Blessings: Laura’s Story of Experience and Endurance

With husband Martin not fully recovered from treatment for a brain tumour, Laura Story’s album ‘Blessings’ is her real life journey in words and music toward the hope that grace can emerge from unexpected suffering and life altering struggle.

Recorded in the middle of Laura and Martin’s battle against his illness, ‘Blessings’ raises hard issues and finds grace-filled responses about the ways of God and the nature of human suffering. Laura Story’s search for answers results in the honest and open questioning of the title track, ‘Blessings’, and one of the most genuine worship lyrics of any contemporary or classic album.

Blessings: a balanced album of praise and prayer

‘This is the Day’, and ‘Friend of Sinners’ introduce the ‘Blessings’ theme with songs of pure uplifted rejoicing. These opening tracks are ideal listening for those days when it’s easy to be sure of God, his salvation and where you stand. Following tracks ‘You are Love’ and ‘What a Saviour’ are all the words of praise you wish you could find for when you just wan to be at one with God.

Title track ‘Blessings’ is a deeply questioning song of ‘what if?’ ‘What if the trials of this life are blessings in disguise.’ It’s a song of confession, of doubt and with a glimmer of reassurance that ‘all the while [he] hears each spoken need’ and a reminder that this world is not our final destination.

Completing the concept of blessings sought, hoped for and received ‘Your Name will be Praised’, and ‘One Life to Lose’ takes you forward and makes you ready to experience a welcome home in her tonal retelling of Jesus’ story of homecoming and restoration, ‘Prodigal Song’.

Blessings: sincerity and humility in worship

Final tracks ‘Remember’ – a prayer of passion, sacrifice and remembrance and ‘Faithful God’ bring the album into an atmosphere of sincere and humble worship that makes you want to replay the album over again.

The lasting effect is that you’ve lived through an acclamation in words and music of a God who is still the relief of suffering - not outside of it, but from within. This is a God of forgiveness and healing - the source of love that inspires that strong beat of hope and praise in worship that defines the first half of the ‘Blessings’ album.

Blessings by Laura Story: the trivia file

Laura Story is the unsung heroine and collaborator of most sung Christian singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin. Laura co-wrote Chris’ 2004 No 1 worship hit ‘Indescribable’. Laura is music and women’s ministry leader at 4,000 member Perimeter mega-church in the same US city of Atlanta, Georgia as Chris Tomlin’s and Louie Giglio’s  Passion Movement Church.

Laura Story GRAMMY winning music available now

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Quick Guide to Laura Story in the 2012 GRAMMY Awards

Laura Story:   2012 GRAMMY Award winner for

  • 'Best Contemporary Christian Music Song'
  • For the song - 'Blessings': Performed by Laura Story,
  • Songwriter  - Laura Story
  • Title track from the album: 'Blessings'
15th February

February 15th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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