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The countdown has begun... it’s now less than three weeks until the hotly anticipated 20th Anniversary album ‘The Cutting Edge Years’ by Delirious? will be released.

The album draws together the best of Delirious?’ early work to give the listener a taste of the music that called a generation of young people to sing.

More Context

Let’s start with words from the Delirious? frontman himself, Martin Smith, "These past 20 years have been inspiring times for all, especially the band. 'Cutting Edge’ was a unique time in our lives and these songs were the soundtrack to a movement that hungered after God in a new way. A movement that sang in the streets and saw the mountains tremble."

Refreshingly eloquent, as we might expect of such a prolific songwriter, Martin Smith sums this up well. ‘The Cutting Edge Years’ remembers the progressive change in the Christian Music industry largely brought about by this band from the English south coast.

Further context can be found in my earlier blog posts ‘Cutting Edge: A History’ and ‘Delirious? Release 20th Anniversary Album’, but now it’s time to fill you in on the details - the ins and outs of this new release.

More Info

This album really is a fitting tribute to the early work of Delirious? This section will hopefully convince you of this. First, the three CDs:

1. Message Of The Cross
2. Singers Song
3. Lord You Have My Heart
4. What Is This Thing Called Love?
5. The Crucible For Silver
6. Thank You For Saving Me
7. The Happy Song
8. Prophet Song
9. King Of Love
10. Coming Back
11. Lead Me
12. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

1. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
2. I’ve Found Jesus
3. Oh Lead Me
4. Shaken Up
5. I’m Not Ashamed
6. Find Me In The River
7. Louder Than The Radio
8. You Split The Earth
9. When All Around Has Fallen
10. I’ve Searched For Gold
11. Shout To The North
12. All I Want Is
13. Obsession

This track list speaks for itself, but I can’t resist adding a few thoughts... Classics such as ‘Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?’ and ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ feature, with the gospel-sounding ‘I’ve Found Jesus’ also appearing. Enduring and endearing is ‘I Could Sing of Your Love Forever’ - as true today as the time it was first sung back on a British beach in the 90s. ‘Thank You For Saving Me’ completes an eclectic mix as its calming feel relaxes the listener.

I haven’t included a track list of the third CD because much of it is spontaneous and can’t be put down as any particular song, except for perhaps (cheesily) a ‘song of joy’. However, it’s a pleasure to report that ‘What A Friend I’ve Found’ does feature on the third CD (personally, this is my favourite Delirious? song).

Onto the DVD. Much of this - 8 songs to be precise - was filmed at the Delirious? farewell gig at the Hammersmith Apollo, London. Sad to have missed the opportunity to see Delirious? live, now that they have split up this is probably the best chance I’ll get, but what a chance it is! Live performances from such an experienced and successful band are confirmed as excellent by the songs they sing: these are God songs, songs about the Kingdom coming in the here and now, songs of praise and thanks. Also included is a documentary - ‘The Delirious? Story’ and an interview with Martin Smith.

More Delirious?

Despite their parting ways at the end of 2009, Delirious? have not ruled out a comeback. This album is testament to the fact that Kingsway Music continue to support Delirious? and their music. This, I believe, is for two main reasons: 1. It continues to bless the worldwide Church, 2. The popularity of Delirious? has far from waned, and has perhaps even increased since their split.

Chart success is far out of reach for most UK Christian Artists, but Delirious? have defied this, and continued to find success the year after they went their separate ways. In 2010, their song ‘History Maker’ reached the top 5 in the UK singles chart, and the top 3 on iTunes.

It’s not too late to latch onto this movement, the band may no longer be touring and recording, but their music continues to bless listeners the world over.

12th April

April 12th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Peter Harrison

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