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Rebecca Elliott has made the daring leap from illustrator to writer with overwhelming success. Her books have been praised by Jacqueline Wilson, won her an awards, and inspired the young and old to look at the world with fresh eyes.

Her latest book, The Last Tiger, has pounced into Eden.co.uk and is prowling our website. So here is a peak inside, plus a couple of interesting facts you may have missed about Rebecca Elliott.

The Last Tiger

Her fourth book with Lion Hudson publishing, The Last Tiger is a charming picture book children and parents will undoubtedly enjoy over and over again.

"One night the tiger’s paw got caught in an old tin can. Luka ran to see what the noise was…. A TIGER? He gently pulled the tiger’s giant paw from the can. The tiger smiled, and nodded..." - extract from The Last Tiger.

Luka lives in a world reduced to a rubbish tip, a world with no trees, no plants, and no animals. Everyone has forgotten the joys and wonders of nature (so I’m guessing David Attenborough doesn’t exist either).

The little boy discovers the last tiger and through their unlikely friendship they lead the way to a new sustainable future. Always including a thoughtful message, The Last Tiger encourages you to value the joy of nature.

Gorgeous Pictures

The Last Tiger by Rebecca Elliott

Inspiring story about Luka and his friend

Talk about stating the obvious - Rebecca’s pictures are absolutely gorgeous. What you might not know is that’s where she began.

Aged six she announced to her parents “when I grow up I want to be an artist and a writer”. After a philosophy degree and a dull office job, she found the enthusiasm to produce a portfolio and has been illustrating children’s book since 2002.

Her pictures have been given the stamp of approval several times. Two of her books have been nominated for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal which recognises distinguished illustrators, including The Last Tiger. Commenting on her website, Rebecca explains why she thoroughly enjoys the work of an illustrator.

“... I think at their best they're utterly beautiful - a piece of art in themselves” – taken from Rebecca Elliott’s website.




Thoughtful and Humorous Storytelling

Just Because by Rebecca Elliott

Delightful tale of sibling friendship

Perhaps her most recognised achievement was inspired by the gift of her daughter Clementine.

Just Because was her first venture into the world of writing which tells the story of her profoundly disabled daughter, Clemmie, and her little brother, Toby. The book shares Toby’s love for his sister in a humorous and heart-warming way.

Rebecca explained in her article for the Independent that the joys of having a disabled daughter far out-weight the struggles.

“Since having Clemmie I've been let in on a little-known secret: profoundly disabled people are awesome”. 

Through her wonderful book she demonstrates this in a beautifully touching way, applying just the right amount of humour to make you think and chuckle all the way through. Her book has now been given the praise it desires with a Dolly Gray Award in January 2012 to mark its contribution to disabled children in children’s books.

Her Subtle Faith

As an author for the secular market, Rebecca seems to keep her faith in the background. Occasionally she allows it shines through the woodwork. 

“I think if you’ve got even a grain of faith it just grows when you need it ... looking at it philosophically or spiritually, I’ve never been angry at the world or at God, or anything like that. Certainly not now. Clemmie’s wonderful – we’ve been given a gift” – an interview with the East Anglian Daily Times.

Christianity and the arts have always had a curious relationship. Which way around should an artist introduce themselves: I am a Christian artist – or – I am an artist who is a Christian? Should a Christians faith shine through their work, or their everyday life? Or both?

Faith aside, Rebecca’s thoughtful stories have done a world of good promoting positive messages and we look forward to what she’ll illustrate next. With the release of her latest book, The Last Tiger, Rebecca Elliot has a bright future ahead filled with loveable and thoughtful stories and spell-binding pictures to match.

28th October

October 28th, 2012 - Posted & Written by James Warwood

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