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Adrian Plass

  • Inspirational writer and passionate speaker, Adrian Plass has established himself as an iconic Christian leader, exploring various Christian fictions and writing from true experiences. Producing over 30 books, including various novels and poems, Adrian has expressed many feelings through his work. He has continued to provide speeches to many schools, churches and prisons, in a way that helps individuals and communities grow and become united.

    Honest and true to his word, Adrian Plass does not hide behind the pages in his books, but expresses a sincerity that fills many with laughter and liberation. Father and husband, he is motivated by love and compassion towards his family, others and Jesus. Adrian Plass is an individual who understands many walks of life and articulates a rounded view of Christianity and all that it involves. Truthful and direct Adrian is a real person and a true inspiration.

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    Adrian Plass


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