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How thick are the pages?

Dec 23rd, 2014 - Posted by Gill ATKINSON about NLT Life Application Study Bible: Hardback in Bible, Bible Study Answered Product 1 805 views


NLT Life Application Study Bible, hardback.As a study bible, I need the pages to be of decent thickness. I have another stdy bibler, and the pages are very flimsy.

Posted by Gill ATKINSON in Bible, Bible Study  
1 Answer
December 23rd, 2014 at 2:24PM • Respond

Hi, Gill.

Thanks for you interest in this edition of The NLT Life Application Study Bible: Hardback. As I'm sure you appreciate, the pages are necessarily thin to keep the Bible with its additional resources to a manageable weight and size. However, the paper is a good quality and the pages separate and turn easily. The finish is smooth and better than that in economy Bibles of a smaller size. doubt you'll find anything thicker in any other equally well resourced study Bible, and the hard covers offer considerable protection. This Bible should prove durable and robust enough to survive normal use remembering that it's not designed as a Bible to carry everywhere with the wear that goes with that kind of treatment. And i wouldn't recommend using marker pencils or Bible tabs with it. Otherwise, it's a well made, comprehensively resourced study Bible at a good price.

Yours, Les.