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Altar Breads and Communion Wafers

  • Find all the Holy Communion essentials from Communion Wafers, Communion Breads & Altar Breads, Non-Alcoholic Communion Wine and Communion Cups to help your church partake in the globally practised Christian tradition.

    Our Altar Bread is supplied by Charles Farris (prestigious Christian Candle Makers & Church Suppliers since 1845) where the Altar Bread is baked daily using wheat flour and water. The Altar Bread is then sealed minutes after baking creating a crumb-free, just-baked freshness. With a selection of Gluten-Free, White, and Wholemeal Altar Bread available in Peoples Wafers, Priests Wafers, and Concelebration Host, we hope you find the right Altar Bread for your congregation. We have a wide range of church supplies on offer.

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