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Touching Stories of My Life in Journey to Christian Holiness and Hands- on Patient Care in a Weeping Healthcare: The Brain of Man of God and the Hand


by Ramsi Ghaly Md Facs

    • Author

      Ramsi Ghaly Md Facs

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      Xlibris US

    • Published

      August 2019

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      Touching Stories of My Life in Journey to Christian Holiness and Hands- on Patient Care in a Weeping Healthcare: The Brain of Man of God and the Hand

      Today's Price £24.73

      Product Description

      This is the twelfth book in the series Christianity and the Human Brain. It integrates neuroscience and the Bible, the holy book of Jesus. My love for Jesus Christ abides with my lifetime passion for neurosurgery and medicine. I have a continual obsession for spiritual connectivity between the Holy Spirit and the human brain, which indeed separates mankind from all other living creation. It has been my belief that the human brain does not limit itself to the physical skull. Rather, it extends in a nonphysical form to the outside spiritual world, even while living on earth. In other words, a big part of the human brain is actually outside the skull and the body. After performing brain surgeries for three decades, I have realized that my theory is so true. The majestic human brain can't be just the 1,500 grams of jelled matter inside the skull. The human journey, therefore, is transforming the human brain into the brain of a man of God and transforming the hand of man into the hand of the man of God. The spiritual human brain never dies. Only the flesh does. This is the center of my calling and my unrelenting meditations while roaming in the heartfelt spirit, lacking the physical proof that science demands from me. My life is dedicated to Jesus, to my patients, and to my residents. As a physician, I have reached the top within America both as a professor of neurological surgery and anesthesiology and as a well-published author of several famous medical journals. As an academic teacher, I trained for more than thirty-four years and have watched thousands of trainees graduate. But all this is nothing as I strive to achieve Christian holiness and fullness. In a weeping healthcare with many patients' falling victims, I included actual miracles, testimonials, and sincere quotes from patients as a testament to the Almighty and the dire need for faith and good-hearted medicine. This book is full of many vibrant stories that I love to share, which is timely since I am guessing that my generation will soon be viewed obsolete by future generations. What will remain are the books I authored. This book is a text of wealth, covering broad and diverse topics in my life journey within 134 chapters and organized over fourteen sections. So many chapters are written about my special love for Jesus Christ and his children. In poems, deep reflections, and spiritual release of mind, I wrote extensively. In fact, I shut my senses and impersonated the human brains of the men of God and the children of the Most High in their prominent biblical stories. A special section is dedicated to mothers, newborns, and little children. While my soul is grieving, a section is centered on the ongoing Christian persecution, especially the genocide of Christians in my country, Egypt, which is also the ancient region of the Middle East and the oldest historic continent of Africa. Furthermore, I wrote some of my dreams and thoughts that I couldn't otherwise convey for one reason or another, such as neuroscience in aerospace and some of the timely and touching subjects such as drug overdose, human trafficking, and health-care crises. Few chapters are included about my personal views about introducing spirituality into the recent turmoil in politics. Friends, human life starts with love and ends with eternal love for our savior. It is never enough to share our love and write about love and talk about actual love stories of heavenly roses, joy, Christmas, healing touch, miracles, and our calling for his purpose. This is what my twelfth book is all about.


      • Author

        Ramsi Ghaly Md Facs

      • Book Format


      • Publisher

        Xlibris US

      • Published

        August 2019

      • Weight


      • Dimensions

        153 x 229 x 37 mm

      • ISBN


      • ISBN-10


      • Eden Code


      More Information

      • Author/Creator: Ramsi Ghaly Md Facs

      • ISBN: 9781796038927

      • Publisher: Xlibris US

      • Release Date: August 2019

      • Weight: 1008g

      • Dimensions: 153 x 229 x 37 mm

      • Eden Code: 5094802

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