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Eternal Rewards: Small print with transcripts


by Mike Connell

    • Author

      Mike Connell

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      Independently Published

    • Published

      January 2021

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      Eternal Rewards: Small print with transcripts

      Today's Price £20.28

      Product Description

      One of the major themes of Jesus teachings was the theme of Eternal Rewards. This topic is seldom taught in churches, but it provides major motivation for holiness, personal transformation and faithful service. We shall all stand before the Judgment seat of Christ to give account for our stewardship as followers of Christ. At stake are position, honour and reward in the coming Kingdom of Christ.

      Eternal Rewards are an important part of Jesus teachings, both in the Gospels and also in the Book of Revelation. Eternal Rewards are Jesus generosity to us in the coming Millennium and beyond that acknowledge our love for Him, our transformation to become like Him and the service we have done on His behalf during our life on earth. This series brings understanding of the significance and importance of Eternal Rewards. This teaching continue to explain what those rewards are and it's focus is Eternal Glory.

      Jesus frequently taught about Eternal rewards in the Coming Millennial Kingdom and for the need for His disciples to pursue them and live in preparation for His Second coming. In this series we examine what are the Eternal rewards that Jesus has reserved for those who love Him.

      A Crown is given to the Victor who has won the race or the fight. It is given in recognition and honor to a person because of what they have achieved or overcome. In this message we discover five different Crowns that are promised to believers who meet the conditions. These are the Incorruptible Crown, The Crown of Rejoicing, The Crown of Righteousness, The Crown of Life and the Crown of Glory.

      Eternal Rewards are expressions of the value and honor that Jesus places upon those who love and serve Him in this life. The rewards are eternal and will be recognised and valued in the Millennial Kingdom and ages to come.

      Every believer must appear before the Judgment seat of Christ to give account of our life and stewardship service. Our life and works will be examined to establish what rewards we will qualify for. For some believers this will be a time of celebration, joy and eternal honor. For other believers it will come as a shock as they discover they have wasted the life and opportunities entrusted to them, and that their life and works fail to qualify and they are excluded from the rewards that Jesus had prepared for them. Such believers are saved, but forfeit rewards in the coming Kingdom of Jesus.

      The First Resurrection is presented as the great hope and the prize to be won by the believer. Believers and unbelievers will both arise together in the General resurrection at the end of the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom of Christ. However, the First resurrection is for those believers who qualify to participate. It is possible for a believer not to qualify for this First resurrection.

      In 2 Peter 1, Peter describes the necessity of personal transformation and fruit-bearing in the life of the believer. Peter shares his revelation of Christ coming in majesty to rule and reign, and the necessity of the believer to be diligent in adding to their foundational faith the character qualities of Christ. Believers who neglect to commit to personal growth, Peter describes as barren, unfruitful, blind, shortsighted, and forgetful of the work and calling of Christ. Personal growth, heart and character transformation ensure we will never fall, will be fruitful and stable, and will have an abundant entrance into the Coming Kingdom of God.


      1. Introduction to Eternal Rewards
      2. Key Principles Related to Eternal Rewards
      3. Overview of Eternal Rewards - Part 1
      4. Overview of Eternal Rewards - Part 2
      5. Garments of Glory & Beauty
      6. Victor's Crowns
      7. Honour, Treasures & Vindication
      8. The Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 1
      9. The Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 2
      10. The First Resurrection
      11. Abundant Entrance to the Kingdom
      12. The Need for Faithfulness


      • Author

        Mike Connell

      • Book Format


      • Publisher

        Independently Published

      • Published

        January 2021

      • Weight


      • Dimensions

        153 x 229 x 23 mm

      • ISBN


      • ISBN-10


      • Eden Code


      More Information

      • Author/Creator: Mike Connell

      • ISBN: 9798594103498

      • Publisher: Independently Published

      • Release Date: January 2021

      • Weight: 582g

      • Dimensions: 153 x 229 x 23 mm

      • Eden Code: 5531563

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