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Freefall To Fly

A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning

by Rebekah Lyons

A memoir of transformation, Rebekah Lyons shares her experiences of depression and invites women to step into God's freedom

    • Author

      Rebekah Lyons

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      Tyndale House Publishers

    • Published

      April 2013

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    Freefall To Fly

    Today's Price £16.69

    Product Description

    Is it love, fear or infatuation that drives you to make a massive life changing decision? To abandon the safe option and risk everything to follow your heart’s desire – to find your true calling in life. This book while specifically for women has much to teach men about making decisions, not choosing to live with regret but to rediscover what makes you come alive.

    But just because you’re searching for meaning doesn't mean it’s going to be easy and cost free. ‘Freefall to Fly’ follows Rebekah Lyons’ experiences – painful and passionate as she decides to move her not-for-profit business, her home, husband, family, cats and whole focus of her being from the safety of familiar Atlanta to the big city jungle of New York.

    For 7 years seven years the couple’s work had focused on educating Christian leaders in creative ways to engage their industries and cities, to take chances and be bold. Yet faced with her own relocation to the alien city of New York, she found she had no answer when faced with the possibility of failure and pain.

    With no material support and no safety net, she tells how her life went first into freefall before she learned how to fly and to soar. In this vulnerable memoir of transformation, she describes her crippling depression and anxiety, and how she was overwhelmed by the pressure to be domestically efficient, professionally astute, and physically attractive.

    Falling without a safety net terrifies us, she writes – even though God has equipped each of us with wings on our backs, rusty from disuse. Wings we’ve had since childhood that have been clamped down so long they aren’t sure how to spring forth anymore. And so we fear they aren’t strong enough to carry as we peek over the lip of the ledge.

    Instead of flying, we fear the fall and keep back from the edge. Rebekah’s book tells how she stood for too long despite the move that beckoned to fly. Her story is an encouragement for you to overcome your resistance, to stop fighting your calling and following it. To surrender to promise and walking into an unknown, scary, irrational future with faith and confidence.

    - Prelude
    - Who Will Catch Me?
    1 Midtown Daydreams
    2 Park Avenue Meltdown
    3 Panic in the Heavens
    4 Girl Meets Depression
    - Interlude
    - Hope Reborn
    5 To Live This One Life Well
    6 Santorini Bliss
    7 Whispers of Relapse
    8 Beautiful Surrender
    9 Fly
    - Postlude
    - Embracing Your Calling
    - Acknowledgments
    - Notes
    - About the Author

    The Dark Night of the Soul in the City That Never Sleeps. At first glance, Rebekah Lyons’s life path seemed straightforward: walk the aisle, take the short road to motherhood, and build a family on a suburban cul-de-sac in the South.

    But life looked radically different when her family relocated to the heart of New York City. She was forced to navigate a new normal with three kids, two toy poodles, and a minivan. Blindsided by crippling despair, Rebekah wrestled with bigger questions women often ask: Why am I here? Does my life matter?

    In a Western culture driven by performance and Pinterest fantasies, her story echoes the rise of loneliness, depression, and anxiety that women are facing at all-time highs. Why are expectations and lifestyles breaking us down in unprecedented ways?

    In this beautifully moving memoir of vulnerability, courage, and ultimately transformation, Rebekah shares her journey into the unknown—a thrilling, terrifying freefall that eventually led to flight. Searching for meaning, she stumbled on surrender, discovering that meaning follows surrender.

    Rebekah found freedom when she faced her greatest fear, and she invites other women to do the same. For it is only when we freefall that we can truly fly.

    "The author narrates triumphs and troubles, freckled with Bible quotes, as she reaches for self-understanding. She opens with a dramatic move from an Atlanta suburb to manic Manhattan, symbolized by her elder son’s meltdown smack in the middle of Park Avenue. Anecdotes disclose her panic attacks, her lifelong connection to words, and her salvific Tuesday-morning meetings with women who insist that she tell the truth about her worst fears." - Publishers Weekly.

    Women today are fading. In a female culture built on Photoshopped perfection and Pinterest fantasies, we’ve lost the ability to dream our own big dreams. So busy trying to do it all and have it all, we’ve missed the life we were really designed for. And we are paying the price. The rise of loneliness, depression, and anxiety among the female population in Western cultures is at an all-time high. Overall, women are two and a half times more likely to take antidepressants than men. What is it about our culture, the expectations, and our way of life that is breaking women down in unprecedented ways?

    In this vulnerable memoir of transformation, Rebekah Lyons shares her journey from Atlanta, Georgia, to the heart of Manhattan, where she found herself blindsided by crippling depression and anxiety. Overwhelmed by the pressure to be domestically efficient, professionally astute, and physically attractive, Rebekah finally realized that freedom can come only by facing our greatest fears and fully surrendering to God’s call on our lives. This book is an invitation for all women to take that first step toward freedom. For it is only when we free-fall that we can truly fly.


    • Author

      Rebekah Lyons

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      Tyndale House Publishers

    • Published

      April 2013

    • Weight


    • Page Count


    • Dimensions

      145 x 204 x 23 mm

    • ISBN


    • ISBN-10


    • Eden Code


    More Information

    • Author/Creator: Rebekah Lyons

    • ISBN: 9781414379364

    • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

    • Release Date: April 2013

    • Weight: 341g

    • Dimensions: 145 x 204 x 23 mm

    • Eden Code: 4058593

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