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Say Goodbye to Anxiety

A 40-Day Devotional Journal to Overcome Fear and Worry [Hardback]

by Elle Limebear, Jane Kirby

Discover lasting freedom from anxiety with this 40-day devotional journal, co-authored by Elle and Jane, who share their own experiences and practical strategies while cheering you on in your journey to live life to the fullest with God's help.

  • A book for anyone battling anxiety

  • Elle Limebear & Jane Kirby offer tools to overcome anxiety

  • Find lasting freedom and peace.

  • Author

    Elle Limebear

  • Book Format


  • Publisher


  • Published

    October 2023

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Say Goodbye to Anxiety

Today's Price £14.20

Product Description

In Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Elle Limebear and Jane Kirby use their personal experience, with practical and spiritual tools, over 40 days to help you find real, lasting freedom from anxiety.

In Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Elle Limebear and Jane Kirby help you find real, lasting freedom from anxiety.

If you are one of the 301 million people that live with anxiety every day then this book is for you.

Elle and Jane have both been in your shoes. They understand the impact of living with anxiety and they know that there is a way forward and a better future.

They honestly share their stories, supporting and cheering us on with God-given practical tools and strategies to overcome anxiety.

Be encouraged, through these 40 devotional thoughts and journalling reflections, to take daily steps with God’s help to move past anxiety and live life to the full.

How will Say Goodbye to Anxiety help me?

This 40-day devotional journal will provide practical tools to help you drive worry, fear and anxiety out of your life, and replace these negative emotions with truth and confidence. 40 days of Bible readings, reflections, prayers, songs and journalling questions are also ideal for small groups or lent study groups.

Has journal spacing to record your thoughts

Provides both practical and spiritual tools to overcome anxiety

Helps you say goodbye to anxiety and say hello to joy

Helps you discover the hope and peace that Jesus can bring

Encourages you to speak out biblical truths over your life

Helps you develop your true potential by breaking free from the chains of worry and fear

Say Goodbye to Anxiety has been written by authors who have personal experience with anxiety and provides the ideal resource or gift for anyone working to break free from anxious thoughts for good.

Anxiety has been calling the shots for too long. Enough is enough, it’s time to say goodbye.

Elle Limebear and Jane Kirby get it. Having both suffered with anxiety, they understand how it can impact our daily lives. They also know the difference Jesus can make.

As they honestly share their stories in their new book Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Elle and Jane support and cheer us on as they offer God-given practical tools and strategies to overcome anxiety and live life to the full.

Jane and Elle, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Elle Limebear: Hey I’m Elle. Married to my husband Tom, we have 2 boys and live in Brighton. I’m a worship leader, song writer and artist. I travel around the world leading worship and I’m passionate about becoming free and meeting with Jesus.

Jane Kirby: Hello, I’m Jane. Married to James with two grown-up sons and a dog and live in Hastings. I speak at events and in my church and edit truth magazine for young adult women from Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls. I want to see people walk in the freedom that is possible with Jesus.

Why did you decide to write Say Goodbye to Anxiety?

Elle: It was a few years back that I realised fear had a massive hold on me and it was taking over my life and stopping me from doing everyday things as well as bigger things that I wanted to do and needed to do. I had known Jane for a while and knew her story, so we thought we’d get together and write a book to encourage, uplift and point people to Jesus in a breaking free from anxiety and fear and worrying way. So, the hope is this helps people not only in the midst of anxiety but also those who have overcome it.

Jane: I don’t want anyone to experience the anxiety I suffered. It was crippling. I knew I needed healing as the anxiety was a symptom of some of the things I’d encountered in life, and I’d got to the point where I couldn’t go on without addressing them. Our stories are different, but we both want to give hope to others that it’s possible to get through this.

Who have you written this book for?

Elle: Anyone struggling with anxiety, young and old. It’s more aimed at the younger generation but I think these tools and revelations will help and encourage everyone.

Jane: We’ve written it for anyone who needs hope. Anyone who has had enough of fear and worry and wants to do something about it.

There are many books about anxiety, what makes this one different?

Elle: I think this one is really special because it has been written by two women with two very different stories from two different generations. And it’s also a devotional styled book, 40 days. For every day there is a page that you can reflect on and ask questions about and has a song to go with it. Just encouraging and gives you a bit of a giggle at the same time!

Jane: Our stories are different, and Elle is younger than me, but that difference gives the book a fresh, creative and interesting perspective. Also, we’re both speaking out of our own experience, and sharing what’s helped us, what’s brought breakthrough, which is important.

As you have said, you both honestly share your own experiences with anxiety in the book. Why was this so important to you?

Elle: I think in order to connect with people, you have to be vulnerable, you have to be honest. I think that one of the biggest things is being honest with yourself, about how things really are and how your mind really is. And I think in order for you and others to break free, there has to be vulnerability and openness, not only with other people but with yourself and God.

Jane: By sharing our stories we want to give others hope. Even though it’s not always easy to be vulnerable, we want others to know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. It’s been a key part of my journey to freedom to bring what I was going through into the light.

Anxiety seems to be affecting more and more people today - why do you think that is?

Elle: I think this world is so overstimulated. I think with technology and overstimulation we are not meant to be taking in as much information as we are each day, but we all do things that get logged in our brains that we probably didn’t need to see or watch. I think now there are more resources but I think for so long it hasn’t been talked about, even in schools.

Jane: Much has been said about the pandemic having a detrimental effect on our mental health, especially amongst young adults. There is also evidence of the negative impact social media has on our well-being, as it sets unrealistic expectations on how we are meant to be living our lives and pressure to look and be a certain way. We’re also living in a time of great uncertainty globally with much financial and social pressure. Basically, times are tough for a lot of people and they are struggling as a result.

Can you give one key bit of advice for anyone who is suffering from anxiety today?

Elle: Speak to someone about it, definitely share how you are really, really feeling with at least one person and also, prayer is so powerful. Just ask the Lord to help you, and he promises to never leave us, that he goes before us and is behind us. And to just pray he will reveal himself in your day to day.

Jane: Yes. Definitely. You can trust Jesus. Totally. Utterly. Completely. He will come through for you.

You include a song to listen to and some thought-provoking questions for reflection/ journaling at the end of each chapter. Why did you do this and what do you think they add to the book?

Elle: I know for myself that there have been songs, specifically worship songs, that have helped to encourage me and pointed me to Jesus and his heart and what he thinks of me and of the world. I think it’s so good to have that reminder through song and what the Scripture says. Hopefully that will get stuck in your head throughout the day - those lyrics of truth will ring around your head as you go about your day. But also, for the journaling questions, I think it’s really good to ask yourself those questions that you may have never gone there or never asked yourself, but it’s such a one to one with you and God, that I’d encourage you to be really honest with yourself and remind you that it’s your devotional book, it’s no one else’s.

Jane: I’ve had some of my most powerful and healing moments when singing worship songs. They’ve shifted my perspective, literally lifted worry and fear and brought peace. With the journaling questions it’s important to reflect on what’s going on and undertake a bit of a review with God.

What was the most challenging element of writing the book?

Elle: Honestly, reliving some of the experiences that I’d had with my anxiety and processing that again, and truly thinking back and asking God ‘Why’, but also having gratitude of where I’ve got to.

Jane: I found sharing some of my story challenging but didn’t want it to be a book that just adds a plaster over a wound.

And what was the most rewarding element of writing this book?

Elle: Realising how the Lord has stayed with me through it all. By looking back over my life and different stories and revelations, he’s actually been with me all along, and I can see how he’s helped me through so much with my anxiety journey. Hopefully it encourages other people in the same position that there is hope and that there is freedom at the end.

Jane: Seeing how far I’ve come. Looking back, I’ve been able to be truly thankful for what God’s done. My life has been totally transformed.

Have you learnt anything new about God while writing this book?

Elle: I’ve been reminded that God says a lot about peace in the Bible and for us not to worry, and how Jesus talks a lot about ‘do not worry, do not worry, do not fear.’ I think for us in this day and age, it’s so easy to get worried. It’s so easy to be anxious, so easy to turn to stress and be panicky but actually, in it all, Jesus rightly reminded us of that and it’s a good daily reminder to cling onto peace as much as we can. His peace is so underrated and to live in peace, and that he gives us the truest form of peace and that nothing else satisfies.

Jane: Literally God is good. In the highs and the lows. All the way through, as we’ve shared parts of our stories, I’ve been reminded of this. His goodness, his faithfulness, his promises for us. It’s like WOW, nothing is impossible with God, literally.

What do you hope readers will get most out of reading this book?

Elle: One, that they’re not alone. Two, that God really cares about their worries and all that’s in their mind. That he cares so deeply about them, about their past, about their future, about their present. I just really hope they get a sense of hope or like there is more. I don’t have to stick and live in this forever. There is a way out and I hope the reader can cling onto these tools and the word of God. That fear is not a place to live, you don’t have to live in fear forever. There is peace and joy and love and hope and freedom in store for you.

Jane: That it’s not a mistake you’ve got your hands on this book. We hear it time and time again ‘God has a plan for your life,’ but it’s true and it’s not to live with anxiety, fear and worry. They don’t have a hold on your future. God does. He has the final say.

In one sentence, how would you describe Say Goodbye to Anxiety?

Elle: It’s a good old pep talk and encouragement but filled with Scripture, tools, a bit of humour and some practical ways of being free from anxiety.

Jane: Honest, direct and real and hope filled.

Is there anything we can pray for you?

Elle: Thank you. For a good night’s sleep!

Jane: Thank you - a practical prayer for good organisational skills.


  • Author

    Elle Limebear

  • Book Format


  • Publisher


  • Published

    October 2023

  • Weight


  • Page Count


  • Dimensions

    148 x 210 x 10 mm

  • ISBN


  • ISBN-10


  • Eden Code


More Information

  • Author/Creator: Elle Limebear

  • ISBN: 9781788933124

  • Publisher: Authentic

  • Release Date: October 2023

  • Weight: 470g

  • Dimensions: 148 x 210 x 10 mm

  • Eden Code: 6228518

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