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What Heaven Will Be Like


by Jr Lee James Thomas

    • Book Format

      Paperback / softback

    • Publisher

      Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

    • Published

      December 2015

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      What Heaven Will Be Like

      Today's Price £12.81

      Product Description

      This second edition of my heaven book explains the reasons for Satan, Adam, Eve, and the whole rest of human existence as it has been known for the past six thousand-plus years. It presents logical, almost definite certainties about heaven and what people will do once they are there. In fact, one gets a good understanding of what the saints of God can expect on the other side of the grave just from looking at Genesis 1:1-25 and the seven days of Creation. This book does not do an exhaustive study of that account. But it does use those instances where the Lord had said that He was pleased with what He had done as a vehicle for determining what heaven will be like. Thus, if the Garden of Eden had been "good," then heaven cannot be much different. For that reason, the thesis of this text is that heaven will be very much like the Garden of Eden plus or minus a few things. The first four chapters will look at how this current existence ever got to where it is today. The second chapter will present some arguments for why the opening chapters of the book of Genesis should be taken literally rather than allegorically. The third chapter will discuss what happens when a saint of God dies. That process involves a physical separation of the body from this existence and also the spiritual separation of the body from the soul.The fourth chapter will then look at the ideas of eternity from the SAVED person's point of view and how each saint will stand before the judgment seat of Christ. It should be pointed out, however, that that will be a positive judgment rather than a negative judgment. In chapter five, those things that will not be in heaven will be discussed. If some of those things had not been in the Garden of Eden, then Adam and Eve would have never sinned. However, in addition, some of the things that will be presented will have nothing to do with the Garden of Eden. For example, how will computers, cell phones, and other technological advances work in heaven? The answer is that they may not. Another point made in that chapter will express this author's view of how the saints will appear to each other in heaven.To complement the fifth chapter, the sixth chapter will discuss those things that will be in heaven, some of which had and some of which had not been in the Garden of Eden. For example, animals had been in the Garden of Eden. They will probably also be in heaven. At the same time, though, Jesus will not only be there, but He will also be on His royal eternal throne. That is different than the Garden of Eden. In fact, He will be the main attraction in heaven for all of the saints of God for all eternity. Another thing that will be there that had not been in the Garden of Eden will be continual praise for the Lord. But just like it had been in the Garden of Eden, there will be lots of activity. People will not just sit around looking for things to do. Heaven will be a happy place. It will be a forever place. In fact, if the saints of God could somehow visit that place for even one moment, the belief presented by this text is that they would NEVER want to come back. The seventh chapter will try to describe daily life in heaven. Then the final two chapters will briefly consider what happens to NOT SAVED people when they die. They will also experience a physical and a spiritual separation. But their eternal destiny will not be nearly as nice as for those who are SAVED. Thus, this text will conclude by trying to encourage those who are NOT SAVED to come to the Lord by faith so that they can be SAVED. As always, the hope is that the Lord will be honored and glorified by the things that appear in this text.


      • Book Format

        Paperback / softback

      • Publisher

        Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

      • Published

        December 2015

      • Weight


      • Dimensions

        216 x 279 x 8 mm

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      More Information

      • ISBN: 9781519737595

      • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

      • Release Date: December 2015

      • Weight: 354g

      • Dimensions: 216 x 279 x 8 mm

      • Eden Code: 5665294

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