Who Is Derek The Cleric?

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Derek the Cleric and his charming smile

taken from www.derekthecleric.com

Clean comedy is hard to find these days, especially when you’re searching the high street for that perfect gift at Christmas time.

So when this book arrived at the Eden.co.uk offices we knew we could finally call off the search. Calling all Father Ted lovers, ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Plass’ fans and everyone with a slightly silly sense of humour – we’ve found the perfect gift for you.


Let Me Introduce You To ...

... Derek the Clerk, the funniest Vicar this side of Dibley. There are many ways to describe the Vicar of St. Cliff's:

·    "Britain's most hilarious Vicar"
·    "The Boris Johnson of Traditional Anglicanism"
·    "Devoted follower of McVities Chocolate Biscuits"
·    "The leading expert in the important church debate: in today’s economic climate, should the after church service biscuits be rationed?"

They are all good, but the best description would be this – "Andy Robb's remedy for helping Christians to laugh."

One Whimsical Year

One of Derek's many 'note to self' post-its

taken from www.derekthecleric.com

Inside Derek's Diary you will find every post-it note, letter, blog entry, photo, and email Andy Robb's fabricated alter ego has documented over the past year. Glance at a page and you will see at least three funny snapshots from the bumbling clergyman’s amusing life. Which means at least three chuckles for every page turn. That's great value for money!

The comical clerk also passes on his whimsical wisdom, including advice on how to: avoid the ever-present 'huggers', sift through the bonkers youth worker applications, and prove once and for all that football is biblical.

Derek's Secret Indentity

The fictitious life of Derek sprouted from the imaginative author and illustrator, Andy Robb.

Derek the Cleric has been Andy's outlet for his silly sense of humour for over 10 years. For those who remember the Christian Herald, he was originally a weekly single frame cartoon. In 2010, Andy digitalised Derek via Wordpress so his alter ego could continue to make Christian readers laugh.

If you have kids, you may have already bought a book or three he wrote and scribbled in. Andy has written, illustrator and published 40 books to date, including '50 Wildest Bible Stories', which won Children's Book of the Year (under 12's) awarded by the UK Christian book industry. Plus Derek has been blogging, posting, and tweeting for over a year now, building a small flock of digital followers. You can become his friend on Facebook, subscribe to his Wordpress blog and read his column on the Christian news site - Christian.co.uk

Is Derek A Joke?

The imagined world of St. Cliff's is a welcome escape from those mundane mornings, those boring lunch-breaks, and those sleep-inducing sermons. Derek is the much needed booster jab of humour to our sometimes dull Christian lives. The Cleric has already got people chuckling:

“If you ... ever start finding the fun has fallen out of your faith, you need a strong dose of Derek the Cleric.” - Russ Bravo, ex-Editor of the Christian Herald.

“It is my strong opinion that most Christians take themselves far too seriously. C'mon, lighten up, people. Thankfully, help is at hand. Derek to the rescue!” – Chip Kendall, singer/author, and former 'bandwithnoname' member.

“He is definitely the best vicar we have ever had – since the last one, that is, and he was much better.” – Mrs Higginbottom, organist, St Cliff's.

I can see this book sitting on a desk, coffee table or bathroom shelf for those all too familiar times when we need a desired break and a much needed chuckle. So if there is still space on your parents, friends or church leader’s ledge above their toilet, Derek the Cleric: A Year at St Cliff's will fit perfectly in between the crumpled copies of 'The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass' and the hand soap.

9th November

November 9th, 2012 - Posted & Written by James Warwood

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