Jerusalem Countdown DVD: Your Popcorn Apocalypse

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Jersusalem Countdown brings you big-screen action, edge of your sofa tension and the Christian message of Revelation. So stock-up on the microwave popcorn, the Apocalypse has begun.

When Middle East terrorists smuggle nuclear weapons into America, their plan is simple: cripple the super power, and leave their true target exposed and vulnerable.

But senior FBI agent, Shane Daughtry is on the case. Only he can stop America's worst nightmare – a nuclear holocaust and the destruction of Jerusalem.

Agents of Apocalypse

Terrorists on American soil play their unwitting role in the Apocalypse.

Now released on UK (region 2) DVD, Jerusalem Countdown is an action suspense movie that gives biblical prophecy the vibe of TV's 24. Not only that, it will also get you and your family and anyone who sees it talking about what the Bible says.


Biblical prophecy on the big screen

Shane (David A.R. White) can't escape Scripture's countdown to global apocalypse. (Just in case any excited 'Countdown' fans are reading this, 'Jerusalem Countdown' isn't a spin-off from the game show, hosted by an Israeli Richard Whiteley look-a-like, behind that well-known giant clock!). The end of the world is nigh. The Countdown has begun.

In John Hagee's best selling 2005 novel of the same name, the author predicts a war between Israel and Islamic-motivated terroists. Loosely based on his book, the film follows one specific story line.


The Apocalypse as family viewing?

It all depends on what your family sit down to watch. Do you munch your popcorn to Toy Story 3 (rated U) or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (rated 12A)? Jerusalem Countdown is US rated as PG-13; the same as a 12A in the UK .

The DVD shows gun fights, some violent scenes, a minor character dying from a gunshot wound, and an on-screen kiss. Compare this to Harry Potter or James Bond's Casino Royale (rated 12), and your kids will be watching nothing they haven't already seen, but with a strong Christian message.


Starring Jack Bauer's look-a-like

When main character, Shane Daughtry, strolls on to the screen, it's like you're watching America's hard man, Jack Bauer, from 24. The famous 'beeps' from the L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit will echo in your ears! You'll see Jack's appetite for action, defiant attitude and hear the his deep, authoritative voice. You'll even notice  the same dress sense.

Maybe it's because Jerusalem Countdown has the Jack Bauer factor that it has less of the instructional focus of Christian films, like in Courageous and Letters to God. It's not a tear jerker wither, nor is it a call to action and it's not a factual documentary. It's an entertaining film that gives biblical prophecy a 24 vibe and gets you talking about what Jesus means when he says:


So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him”. - Matthew 24:44, NIV.


From paperback to movie to DVD

The Final Revelation

FBI agent Shane Daughtry (David A.R. White) interrogates a terrorist for vital information.

Although purely fictional, John Hagee's creative interpretation of Revelation sees Russia join with the terrorists to invade Israel causing the rise of the anti-Christ, a brutal worldwide war for Jerusalem, and ulimately The Rapture.

Now a suspense packed, DVD movie, Jerusalem Countdown focuses on America's attempt to foil the terrorists. Staying true to the biblical and political nature of John Hagee's book, the film delivers a thought provoking story with explosive action.


Big screen rise of Christian cinema

Pure Flix, among other American Christian production companies, have found their feet in Hollywood. They are producing high quality, professionally edited and highly entertaining films. Highlights movies include: Me Again, What If, One Hit From Home, and their latest release Brother White; Pure Flix's answer to Sister Act.

Certainly, this DVD will spark conversations - proving the power of film to change our culture one popcorn encrusted sofa at a time.


Countdown cast: the not-so-trivial files

  • Anna Zielinski (Eve) used to be a cheer leader for the San Antonio Spurs, until a knee injury ended her dancing career.
  • Randy Travis (Jack Thompson) is also a country music singer, topping the Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts 22 times.
  • Carey Scott (the 'nosey neighbour') also played a small part in the film Bruce Almighty, appearing as 'Partying Sports Guy'.
  • David A.R. White (Shane) moved to L.A. to follow his acting dreams at 19, landing a role in US Sitcom Evening Shade.

Quick Guide to Jerusalem Countdown DVD

What is Jerusalem Countdown?

  • Action suspense thriller with a Christian message.
  • A film to get your family talking about the Jesus' return.
  • The Christian alternative to James Bond or 24.

What will Jerusalem Countdown do for me?

  • Give you an action packed and suspense filled 12A movie.
  • Provide a way in to talking about the Bible and Jesus return.
  • Offer an opportunity to explore The Rapture through film.

Over to You

Back in 1938, when The War of the Worlds was first aired on US radio, panic stricken listeners called the police and newspapers about an alien invasion. Some even claimed to smell poisonous gas and see flashes of distant space ships.

  • Have big screen dramatisations of The Rapture taken the Scriptures out of context?
  • What are your thoughts on The Rapture - is it prophecy, analogy, or real concern?

Jerusalem Countdown shows on screen gunfights, violence, and the death of a character.

  • Do think big screen and TV content makes Christian DVD more cutlurally relevant?
  • How would you show Jerusalem Countdown in your church, youth group, or home?
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August 3rd, 2012 - Posted & Written by James Warwood

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