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Best known for his easy going ‘Life Journeys’ series of devotional books and DVDs, Jeff Lucas is one of Christian publishing’s most versatile and reliable good reads.

Best known as a writer of devotionals and as a Christian humourist with friend and co-writer, Adrian Plass, Jeff Lucas has proved himself as a Bible biographer and novelist.

Key themes throughout his work, Jeff often returns to the story of the ‘prodigal son’ providing insights from all sides of the story for individuals and for the Church as a whole.

Adept at getting to the root of any question, Jeff’s writing often looks at the damage caused by feelings of guilt and the need for Christians to give and accept forgiveness.

Writing and publishing since before 1997, here is a round-up of his own books and collaborations with authors Cleand Thom and Adrian Plass.


Find all Jeff Lucas popular bestselling books

Click on the titles in the 'Article Index' and go direct to a few helpful lines on each of Jeff Lucas' easy to read, humorous and seriously insightful books. For more information and offers on Jeff Lucas, books and DVDs look for him on


Rediscovering The Father Heart Of God - 1997

First published as 'Sweet and Sour Pork’ – The Joys and pains of a prodigal son, Jeff Lucas explores questions such as; how to find contentment, what is repentance feeling guilty despite knowing God’s forgiveness.


Friends of God (with Cleand Thom) - 1997

Co-written with Cleand Thom, this is a compilation of interviews and discussion in which well-known Christians, including Cliff Richard, talk about their prayer life.


Walking Backwards: dealing with guilt - 1997

Mixture of laugh-out-loud humour and painfully honest examination. The feelings of worthless that come with the refusal to accept God's forgiveness. Why we beat ourselves up and hold ourselves back with thoughts of guilt.


Going Public: the life and times of Elijah - 1998

The man of God  who stopped the rains, raised a widow's son from the dead and stood alone against the prophets of Baal and so stressed he wanted to die. Humorous and powerful look at holding on through the dark days.(formerly: Elijah, anointed and stressed.)

Lucas On Life - 2001

Thought provoking, funny and disarmingly honest stories and anecdotes with a light-hearted look at the Christian life. Guided tour through life's ups and downs with Jeff Lucas pointing out lessons to be learned on the way.

Lucas On Life 2 – 2003

More humorous stories and anecdotes for when, despite our best efforts, we never seem to live up to the label 'Christian'. A very personal account of life's ups and downs but has one resounding message - despite everything we do, say or think God still loves us!


How not to Pray - 2003

Debunking the myths that turn prayer into purgatory and stop us from enjoying our relationship with God. Easy to read, down-to-earth and insightful book that makes the whole topic of prayer accessible and liberating.


Grace Choices - 2004

Refreshingly honest and accessible style, Jeff Lucas addresses the important subject of grace, exploring how grace can improve your character, lifestyle and the choices you make. A challenge to be transformed by grace.


Gideon: Power From Weakness - 2004

Immensely readable account of Gideon's story with colour, passion humour and insight. How the God of opportunity challenges us to take our stand, trust his plans, keep our focus and believe in his promises.


Lucas Out Loud - 2005

Follow up book to Lucas on Life 1 &2. A combination of spiritual insight and humour that will teach you as it makes you laugh. Yet more challenging provoking and subtly direct collection of stories and anecdotes.


Will Your Prodigal Come Home - 2007

The chaotic situations and emotions of families of with a prodigal member. Written with a heart for the emotions that form within families, and an acknowledgement of the power of prayer to guide the prodigal home.


Creating the Prodigal Friendly Church - 2009

Why people leave the church, how to retain them and reach those who have already gone. No easy recipes for success, but plenty of truth-telling, hope, love, faith and encouragement.


Helen Sloane's Diary – 2008

Daily writings of a 27year old single Christian woman. Likeable, fun-loving, determined to open a much needed youth club, hold down her job, lead a church group and (hopefully) find a husband!


Lucas Unleashed - 2009

Another light-hearted look at the Christian life from a Christian. Without toeing any particular denominational line Jeff shows how the Christian view is not so different from that of the majority… other than having Jesus at the centre.


Life with Lucas 1, 2 & 3

Series of insightful daily, one-year Bible study and life application books compiled from a selection of Jeff Lucas’ Bible reading notes. Explores God’s plan and encourages faith in preparation for life’s challenges.


Seriously Funny - 2010 (with Adrian Plass)

Breathtakingly honest celebration of 21st century Christianity and no holds barred expose of the sillier side of church. Also a sell out tour for both well loved authors and speakers.


Up close and personal: what Helen did next - 2011

Sequel to Helen Sloane’s first diary and a continuing record of her battle with relationships, men and her career whilst trying to live out her Christian life and help find a new pastor for their church.


There are no strong people - 2012

Is it possible to be hugely blessed by God - and still make a mess of your life? New light on the life of one of the Bible's infamous rascals, Samson, and some vital principles for living life well today.


Seriously Funny 2 (with Adrian Plass) 2012

Much anticipated sequel to Jeff and Adrian’s first self deprecating and heart-lifting first book and tour together. Check for pre-order availability and special offers on all of Jeff Lucas’ books and DVDs.


Bible reading notes for life everyday

Jeff Lucas’ bi-monthly Bible reading notes include the series: Travelling Light, Life Every Day for New Christians and Life - the Journey.


Life Journey DVD series and booklets

Popular and effective for house groups and Bible studies, Jeff’s DVD based teaching resources include: Walk on the wild side – Jonah, Elijah, Friends, Stop Looking for the will of God, Lent 1: The Impossible Dream, and a return to his recurring concerns for the lost of the church, Prodigals.


Jeff Lucas: author snapshot

‘Passionately committed to fun before death,’ author, broadcaster and church leader, Jeff Lucas has authored more than 20 bestselling books with sales of more than 1 million copies.

Teaching pastor at Timberline Church, Colorado, and with a home in the South of England, Jeff is best known in the UK for his broadcasts on Premier and UCB radio and CWR Bible daily reading notes.

Previously a member of the Spring Harvest management council the new church Pioneer Network, Jeff Lucas as also the directed 'Equipped to Lead' and is a former Vice President of the Evangelical Alliance.

Quick Guide to Books and DVDs by Jeff Lucas

Who is Jeff Lucas?

  • Bestselling author and presenter with more than 20 books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Teaching pastor at Timberline Church, Colorado and popular international speaker.
  • Author of the 'Life Everyday' Bible reading notes and 'Life Journeys' DVDs.

What will reading Jeff Lucas do for me?

  • Give you an open and honest guide to the tensions of living as a Christian today.
  • Help you find the strength that comes from finding God’s call in the everyday.
  • Provide you a ehlpful resource for supporting another in their walk of faith.

Over to You

At you can find a truly interactive Christian community helping you find all you need to live, learn and grow your faith.

In his writings and talks, Jeff Lucas returns to the story of the prodigal son and the importance of forgiving and accepting forgiveness both for individuals and for church communities.

  • Which is easier: forgiving or being forgiven, what do you think happens in a church that doesn't do one or the other?
  • Do you think we're really meant to apply the story in the life of community, church and country as well as in the family?

Tell us. Post your ideas, views and tips – beautiful, brilliant and bizarre at

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