Christian Books - what makes a book 'Christian'?

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The definition of a 'Christian' book may have changed greatly over recent years. Though the definition largely comes down to what the buyer wants to call 'Christian' material.

The time when religious publishing dealt only with fact and reasoned argument ended with the introduction of Christian fiction. Exactly when stories became acceptable reading material is unclear, but Jesus and  the Old Prophets before him were using spoken fiction long before the printed book.

Christian books - a question of content or comment?

Any book directly derived from the Bible or from Bible study is clearly in the Christian book category. This might include the novelisation of Biblical material and the forensic critique of Biblical claims and themes. Whether books from authors like Dan Brown and Stephen Hawking also qualify for this category is another question.

The big growth in Christian books is in Christian themed fiction. Historical romances, present day mysteries, science fiction, youth culture and darker novels have all been absorbed into the genre of Christian fiction. Each has been overhauled and given a new take, a new purpose and a new wholesome application to life.

Christian books - competetive in quality and quantity

With a high quality print and production values, Christian books are well placed to compete on equal terms with secular offerings. Promotion and marketing of Christian books has also stepped up to the challenge of staking out a claim in the world market place for books.

Christian authors are matching the secular competition in output and quality. Willing and able to take on the challenge, Christian fiction is the new voice offering the Christian viewpoint as a viable alternative to the accepted wisdom of the world.

Striking cover art, hard hitting titles and content that lives up the promise of the dust jacket, make Christian fiction books into gifts that are as much a joy to give as they are to receive.

Quick Guide to

Quick guide - Christian Books and Christian Fiction

Christian Books and Fiction - what is it?

  • Fiction that explores stories, ideas or themes the Christian’s care about.
  • Fiction that gives an insight on what it means to live as Christian today.
  • Fiction that challenges the reader and offers an new perspective.

Why would I want to buy one?

  • To be entertained and enlightened with a new and challenging view.
  • To explore the themes and ideas that Christians need to care about.
  • To introduce another reader to fiction that explores what Christianity is about.
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February 7th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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