6 Advent Studies for 2017

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like we skipped Autumn and have gone straight to Winter. The nights feel dark already, there’s a crispness in the air and large tubs of chocolates are on offer. Christmas is well and truly on the way and with it, the exciting anticipation of the wait: Advent.

Advent can be such a busy time, in the best possible way. Preparing for Christmas day, buying presents, finding turkeys, parties, carol concerts, and family get togethers.

But in amongst the chaos and the festivity, it’s nice to find an opportunity to pause and reflect. Advent studies provide this opportunity, opening up scripture with fresh eyes in a very short space of time.

Here are six studies, designed for individuals or small groups, to help you carve out just a bit of time amongst the busyness.

Advent for Everyone

Tom Wright - Advent for Everyone: A Journey with the Apostles

Tom Wright turns his wisdom, once again, to the Advent season. This year he takes readers on the journey with the Apostles, opening up Corinthians, Timothy, Hebrews, Revelation and more each day over the four weeks.

Each reading includes a Bible passage, an in depth reflection and questions for further discussion or reflection, making each reading suitable for individual or group use.

Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover: A Child is Born - Abby Guinness

The latest in the ever popular Cover to Cover series, this special Advent edition is great for small groups as well as individuals who want to experience a little bit more of why Christmas brings hope.

Over 31 thoughtful days that will challenge and enlighten, you'll discover just how much Jesus' coming to earth changed everything - that in coming down in the form of a baby is part of a plan to bring absolute victory to all of humanity. A great study for new and seasoned Christians.

The One True Gift

The One True Gift - Tim Chester

Good Book Company’s advent study for 2017 provides daily readings for advent to encourage and inspire. Over 24 short readings, Tim Chester offers a route of thankfulness and joy, peeling back the layers on Philippians 2.

Each day includes ideas for reflection, prayer and application. This collection of inspiring readings also comes with hymns, carols and prayers to help you prepare your heart for Christmas.

Christmas Through the Keyhole

Christmas Through the Keyhole - Derek Tidball

Don’t be fooled by the less than festive cover of this excellent study. In Through the Keyhole, Derek Tidball explore Luke’s glimpses of Advent.

He looks at four songs sung around the birth of Jesus as recorded in Luke's Gospel: Mary's song; Zechariah's song;  the angels' song; and Simeon's song.  Derek Tidball offers a fresh approach to the Christmas story with a focus on Jesus as the fulfilment of Old Testament promises and patterns.

This study takes the reader right through to Epiphany.

To Live again - It's a Wonderful Life

To Live Again - It’s a Wonderful Life by Sheila Jacobs

What is your favourite Christmas film? If you’re charmed by the romantic nostalgia of It’s a Wonderful life then you’ll love DLT’s study: To Live Again.

Be captivated again by George Bailey’s sacrifices as you watch clips from the classic film and discover how God can turn everything to good this Christmas, even when it seems everything is lost, and rekindle your love for possibly the greatest Christmas film ever made.

It’s a wonderful (sorry!) addition to any small group or Church film night.

Also available as a pack with the film included. 

Unearthly Beauty

Unearthly Beauty - Through Advent with the Saints by Magdalen Smith

Winning the award for most beautiful book cover, in my eyes. Unearthly Beauty takes a look at the saints in a deep and refreshing way, exploring the multitude of reactions to Christ’s coming, then and now.

Bethlehems Road

Bethlehem’s Road - A Journey Through Advent by Ray Simpson

In this collection of 40 daily meditative and enlightening reflections for Advent, author Ray Simpson first outlines the roadblocks that need to be cleared away so that we are ready for Jesus' arrival. Next, he identifies the signposts that help us to travel in the direction of what or who is coming. Then explores how we should prepare ourselves for the arrival of Jesus. And finally, Ray considers glimpses of glory – fresh expressions of the Light of the World.

Are you looking for more advent studies or resources? Our Advent shop is open now.

21st September

September 21st, 2017 - Posted & Written by Laura White

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