Worship Music

Worship Music is a form of communication to God and originated in the 1970’s in Southern California. The younger generation of the church created music that was encouraged from pop music, which in turn increased the attendance of the church among the younger community. The concept of Worship Music spread all around the nation as albums began to be produced by churches, including original music from people who attend the church.

During this period of mass worship through he medium of song, a minister at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa founded a praise and worship music company named, Maranatha Music , which sold over 30 million records worldwide. This jolt in Worship Music spurred the creation of several music labels producing music just for the Christian community.

In comparison to praise music, worship music is traditionally in ballad version, whereas praise music is more buoyant. Worship Music, just like prayer, is a form of communication to God and it inspires people from across the globe to speak directly to God through means of song. The genre of music is a formidable force in the Christian world for contacting God and is also referred to as “choral” music. Over 60 million people worldwide take part in worship music in churches of all sizes and denominations.