The Shack

The Shack is a penetrating fictional novel, written by creative Canadian author William P. Young, exploring the devastating effects of loss and tragedy, which will challenge the way you view your life. With no intention of publishing The Shack, the novel was originally written as a present for his children and has now become an astonishing influence on people across the globe.

The Shack is an intense and formidable experience that turns a man’s life upside down. Mackenzie Philips, the main character in the story, endures the loss of his daughter and his world is changed during his greatest moment of sadness. The heartbreak of losing his daughter, allows him to experience God in unique ways that are exceptional and thought provoking, eventually leading to an astonishing finale.

In a world that is filled with uncertainty and pain, this novel articulates a sense of the greatness of God, and that even when his behaviour may be unpredictable and indefinite his character is undeniable. The Shack is a truly inspiring fictional story that allows people to view real human tragedies and build from them in their own lives.

With its creative personality, The Shack describes a person’s unpredictable journey to find God and displays the endurance the long road of life. The novel has captured many authors, pastors and professionals as a story that inspires people to break out of difficult times and to learn and grow from this world’s difficult environment, described by William Young as, The Shack.