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 TD Jakes, also known as Thomas Dextor Jakes is an American entrepreneur, founder and chief pastor of The Potter’s House in Dalas Texas. TD Jakes was born June 9th 1957 in West Virginia to Ernest and Odith Jakes. As a young child TD Jakes was known to his friends as the bad bible boy who had a lisp and because of this he was told that he would never be able to preach in church. In 1979, after his father’s death due to kidney failure TD Jakes decided to go into ministry and first founded a small ministry in his neighbourhood that at first only had ten members. To fund this ministry and keep it running TD Jakes kept his day job as a digger During the first 10 years the church was a huge success and grew to have 1,000 members that eventually allowed TD Jakes to become a full time minister as the church could now support him.

 Throughout the years the church moved to various new locations and carried on expanding. In 1995 TD Jakes at the age of 38 began to be a television minister, which proved to be popular and led to TD Jakes one year later founding The Potter’s House. TD Jakes purchased the property and moved his congregation members from his original ministry over and has now grown to have over 30,000 members. His weekly television programme viewed by millions nationwide where he preaches different messages is a favourite and extremely inspirational throughout America, Europe and the Caribbean. TD Jakes is inspirational to many people due to his great success and motivating messages, which have helped him, achieve best-selling books, award winning music, critically acclaimed plays and record breaking events.