The Sermon on the Mount Paperback

Verse-by-Verse Look at the Greatest Teachings of Jesus

by R. T. Kendall

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A Bird's Eye View from Eden

RT Kendall delves into this well loved piece of Scripture to discover its Kingdom principles and theological teachings.

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The Sermon on the Mount

Full Product Description

  • Want to read the Sermon on the Mount for all it's worth?
  • R. T. Kendall's verse-by-verse guides you into a deep understanding of the famous passage
  • Discover how, in one short sermon, Jesus delivers a life-time's worth of wisdom

R T Kendall leaves no word ignored and no verse unexplored in his comprehensive analysis of the most revolutionary, world changing compilation of beliefs and behaviours ever set down in print. Drawing on the wisdom, sermons and scholarship of his predecessor and mentor, Dr  Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the former minister of Westminster Chapel analyses the chapters of Matthew 5 to 7 known to Christians since the time of St Augustine as 'The Sermon on the Mount'

5 reasons to read R T Kendall's 'Sermon on the Mount'

o    For an in detail, readable and insightful exploration of Matthew chapters 5-7
o    For a comprehensive analysis of Christianity's core beliefs and behaviours
o    To understand Jesus' 'Sermon on the Mount' verse by verse and step by step
o    To find what Jesus really meant by, and his understanding of, The Kingdom of God
o    To benefit from R T Kendall's devotional writing style and depth of Bible knowledge

The author of more than 50 bestsellers including 'Totally Forgiving God', 'Did You Think to Pray?' 'Why Jesus Died' and 'A Man After God's Own Heart', R T Kendall opens out the meaning and context of the most influential teachings in Jesus' ministry. Exploring what Jesus meant us to understand and how we were intended to respond, the director of RT Kendall ministries explains what Jesus would have meant by the Kingdom of God - how and when it would come, and your part in bringing it about. He reveals that key to your understanding of what Jesus said is what he meant by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Although many theologians have delved deeply into Matthew 5-7, few have offered such a comprehensive, up-to-date, exposition accessible to Bible readers, pastors, teachers, preachers and those involved in serious theological study. Dr. Kendall applies a compelling, devotional style of writing to the words of Jesus and guides readers toward putting these teachings to work in their own lives.

R T Kendall - Sermon on the Mount: highlight quotes

"The purpose of the Sermon on the Mount is to demonstrate the kind of teaching—and the kind of living with regard to character and conduct — that should govern the people of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

"Brokenness is evident when you realize you have no bargaining power with God. You can do only one thing: ask for mercy."

"To inherit the Kingdom of heaven is therefore to enjoy the blessing and conscious indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit."

"The purpose of God’s allowing one to suffer is to see one’s own sin — not another’s sin."

"The definition that, in my opinion, best suits Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, it is this: the rule of the un-grieved Spirit in the believer."

The Sermon on the Mount by R. T. Kendall was published by Lion Hudson in January 2013 and is our 9750th best seller. The ISBN for The Sermon on the Mount is 9780857213341.

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Publisher's Description

Based on Jesus' teachings in Matthew 5-7, this is the definitive resource on the most famous sermon in the world. With a foreword by Greg Haslam, Pastor of Westminster Chapel.

The Sermon on the Mount is one of history's best known and most loved teachings. The words may be humble and accessible, but they carry a revolutionary impact. Verse by verse, phrase by phrase, Dr Kendall delves into the depths of these Kingdom principles, exploring the background thinking, the theological underpinnings and immediate practical application of every element. Packed with fascinating insights and rich truths, this book demonstrates RT Kendall's superb expository preaching at its best.

For many years Dr R T Kendall was the minister at Westminster Chapel, London. He now lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee, from where he conducts a widespread teaching ministry. He is the author of over 50 books.
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1.    The Sermon On The Mount And The Holy Spirit
2.    The Kingdom Of Heaven
3.    Brokenness
4.    Suffering
5.    Out Of The Picture
6.    A Good Appetite
7.    True Godliness
8.    Seeing The Glory
9.    Making Friends
10.    As Good As It Gets
11.    The Heart Of Persecution
12.    Graduating With Honours
13.    The Salt Of The Earth
14.    Showing He Way
15.    Good Works
16.    The Law And The Prophets
17.    Mission Accomplished
18.    The Destiny Of The Law
19.    Greatness In The Kingdom
20.    The Law Outclassed
21.    The Anger Than Kills
22.    The Danger Of Anger
23.    The Danger Of Anger - Part II
24.    The High Cost Of Pride
25.    Sexual Purity
26.    Sexual Sin
27.    Marriage And Divorce
28.    Name Dropping
29.    Waiving Our Rights
30.    A Time To Give In
31.    Loving Your Enemy
32.    Praying For Your Enemy
33.    Uncommon Grace
34.    Christian Persecution
35.    No Reward In Heaven?
36.    Whose Admiration Matters?
37.    Who Gets The Credit
38.    Why Not Pray?
39.    Behind Closed Doors
40.    Why Pray
41.    The Lord's Prayer
42.    The Perfect Prayer
43.    The Fatherhood Of God
44.    Being Put In Our Place
45.    Pausing To Worship
46.    Focusing On God’s Interest
47.    Wanting What God Wants
48.    Daily Dependence
49.    A Plea And A A Declaration
50.    The Unnecessary Pitfall
51.    Daily Deliverance
52.    The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory
53.    Jesus’ PS To The Lord’s Prayer
54.    Fasting
55.    Treasure In Heaven
56.    The Heart Of The Matter
57.    Thinking Clearly
58.    God And Money
59.    Afraid Not To Worry
60.    The Privilege Of Not Worrying
61.    How To Overcome Worry
62.    The Folly Of Worry
63.    Worry And Appearances
64.    Faith And Weakness
65.    First Things First
66.    Afraid Of The Future?
67.    Avoiding Criticism
68.    Playing God
69.    God’s Sense Of Fair Play
70.    Faultfinding: It’s Cause And Cure
71.    Mind Your Own Business!
72.    Qualified To Judge?
73.    Godly Shrewdness
74.    Asking God
75.    Seeking God
76.    Getting God’s Attention
77.    Answered Prayer
78.    The God Who Answers Prayer
79.    Spiritual Gifts
80.    The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
81.    The Golden Rule
82.    The Narrow Way
83.    The Road Less Travelled
84.    False Prophets
85.    Recognising False Prophets
86.    Why Prophesies Go Wrong
87.    Doing The Father’s Will
88.    The Surprising Judgement
89.    Faith On Trial
90.    Folk Religion
91.    Awesome Authority
About The Author


"As I read Dr. Kendall on the Beatitudes from 'The Sermon on the Mount' I felt at times as if I was actually there - on that hill, sat with the others - as the young teacher was speaking the most radical words our world has ever known." - Rob Parsons, founder and chairman, 'Care for the Family'. Author, 'Bringing Home the Prodigals'.

"R. T. Kendall's head, heart and hands are found woven through these pages which gives these volumes such credibility. The reader sees his amazing intellect and insight and feels his passionate heart. Those of us who have known and loved him through the years know also that these expositions from the Sermon on the Mount have actually been beaten out of the anvil of RT's personal experience. These volumes will continue to bless generations to come long after those of us today are in the presence of Him who first preached this sermon." - OS Hawkins, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas.

"Once again R.T. Kendall has hit a homerun with his monumental and magisterial work on theSermon on the Mount. No stone is left unturned and no passages left without full comments and elucidation. Any pastor, student, teacher or Christian who studies the Sermon on the Mount would be greatly benefited by utilizing this significant work."  - Dr. Phil Roberts, president, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri.

"I had the privilege of being present while these sermons were preached. They appear as fresh and relevant today as they did then; full of theological insight, practical applications and God's heart for His children." - Paul Gardiner, solicitor, London, England; Deacon of Westminster Chapel.

"Brilliant! Life as it is meant to be lived." - Colin Dye, senior pastor, Kensington Temple, London.

Other Retailer's Readers...

"Very insightful and challenging read that makes the Sermon on the Mount come alive afresh to me. The chapters on being the salt of the earth are worth the price of the book alone. It also works well devotionally since the sections are short. It's a treasure I'll go back to again and again. I also recommend Kendall's Parables of Jesus."

"This book is a enlightening tool for those Christians/individuals seeking a blueprint for living. Although I first purchased the book in my Kindle, but later got a paperback to highlight memorable thoughts."

"RT really unpacked this message. It may be the most challenging and yet helpful book I have read. It took me over six months to read, since I frequently had to stop and reflect on it."

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On one memorable day in 2010, the world watched as 33 Chilean miners were brought to the surface after 69 days trapped underground. Television audiences worldwide watched as the men were literally ‘raised to life’ from under 700 million tons of solid rock.  For many days, no one knew if the men were alive or dead. In fact they were living, but were not in the world of the living. It was as though they were in a separate kingdom; a kingdom of darkness, hopelessness and despair. There was nothing they could do to rescue themselves.

Opening Dr Kendall’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Ed Stetzer, president of Lifeway Research reminds readers that, in the Bible, Paul uses this same of imagery to illustrate how God has delivered his children from death into life: “He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the Kingdom of the son he loves, in whom we have redemption and forgiveness of sins.” I Colossians 1:13-24 (Holman’s Translation). Stetzer goes on to say that too many followers of Christ have the lost the sense of that dynamic of being rescued, of being transferred from darkness to light, of being raised to life – in this life and for this life.

Rather, he suggests, Christians see this rescue as somewhere in the future; our final transfer to the eternal kingdom beyond this world. He reminds us that the Kingdom is not only ‘dying and going to heaven’, it is also – and primarily a directive to make alivel the line from the Lord’s Prayer, ‘your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Believers must not forget the personal and corporate implications of Christ’s current reign in this world, as well as in the next.

This is where R T Kendall’s book comes in. With a thorough, verse by verse exploration of Jesus’ major teachings to his followers, he integrates the reality of God’s Kingdom in the here and now with the ministry of God’s spirit under the New Covenant of Christ’s death and resurrection. Stetzer’s hope is that, by better understanding Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount through Kendall’s expansive work, Christians will re-evaluate the presence of God’s Kingdom in their own lives, and be encouraged to seek his Kingdom and bring about its reality, making it a priority in their daily dealings with family, friends, colleagues and community. – Les Ellison

Interpreting the most revolutionary text ever printed

In his own preface to his book ‘The Sermon on the Mount’, R T Kendall – formerly of Westminster Chapel, London acknowledges the influence of his predecessor and mentor, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Kendall attributes the transformation of his own thinking on Jesus teachings to Dr Lloyd-Jones two volumes of sermons also based on Matthew chapters 5 to 7.

Kendall describes his 1963 encounter with Lloyd-Jones collected sermons on Matthew 5 to 7 as having had ‘a greater influence on me than any other book I can think of… it came to me when I needed it most.’ So it is with considerable humility that Kendall offers up his own sermons on the key Bible teachings as a tribute to the friend and mentor whose pulpit at Westminster Kendall never quite felt worthy to occupy.

The author is open about how much of his own work is directly attributable to the understanding and insight of his predecessor and teacher. The whole of both men’s work is based on ‘Red Letter’ words of Jesus, though Kendall attributes so much his own understanding to the earliest known interpreter of Jesus' words, the apostle Paul. ‘I do not believe,’ he says, ‘you and I can understand the Sermon on the Mount apart from Paul’s input.’ He ends his preface with the statement that ‘the Sermon on the Mount would be impossible to understand without the Holy Spirit.’

The author’s insists that everything Jesus taught was in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit would come upon the Church after his death, resurrection and ascension. And that the Holy Spirit would be the force to make sense out of Jesus teaching. ‘I take the position,’ he says, ‘that the Sermon on the Mount is in the main Jesus’ doctrine of the Holy Spirit.’ Indeed the first chapter of Kendall’s book deals with just that concept.

It was St Augustine who gave the popular and commonly used title to the best known and perhaps least understood of Jesus teachings. Kendall gives you an overview of just how different is the various understandings of what seems a quite straightforward call to a way of living out the will of God. There has even been dispute as to whether Jesus meant these words to put into action at all. To those of us brought up on these chapters as basic Christian belief and behaviour, this ineeds the explanation he gives.

Some scholars, he tells us, propose that Jesus is telling us how the Kingdom will be brought about; by living by Jesus words. Others suggest that this how things will be after God’s Kingdom has arrived. Kendall returns to his insistence that Jesus words cannot be understood – let alone acted upon, without an understanding of Jesus teaching on the Holy Spirit. His call to supremely holy living – including blessing and loving your enemies, can only be fulfilled on a spiritual level – yet Matthew 5-7 never mentions the Holy Spirit once.

It’s his depth of thought that makes R T Kendall’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’ more than just the verse-by-verse exposition it's cover claims it to be. The book is much more than simply about the mechanics of the words, it’s about the spirit, purpose and divine consciousness behind, beneath and throughout the most revolutionary text ever set down in print. – Les Ellison

In Brief: Sermon on the Mount - Eden Video Transcript

Bestsellling, respected author, R T Kendall, opens up Jesus’ teachings of Matthew 5 to 7 in this comprehensive, 91 chapter, and exploration of The Sermon on the Mount. From his stand point that the words of Jesus can’t be separated from the work of the Holy Spirit, Dr Kendall gives you an in-depth, verse-by-verse analysis of the Christian beliefs and behaviours delivered in this unique, revolutionary text. In his compelling, devotional style he brings Jesus picture of God’s Kingdom to our century, and shows that Kingdom becomes a reality only when you put these teachings to work.

About the Author: R T Kendall

Roy Tilman Kendall was born 13 July 1935 in Ashland, Kentucky and married Louise Wallis of Sterling, Illinois on 28 June 1958. They have a son Robert Tilman II and a daughter Melissa Louise. Kendall received degrees at Nazarene University, Nashville, Tennessee, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky and the University of Louisville. At Regent's Park College, Oxford he earned a Doctor of Philosophy.

At Oxford, Kendall was pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Lower Heyford from 1974 to 1977 (now Brackley Baptist). From 1977 to 2002 he was the minister at Westminster Chapel, London.
Author of more than 50 books, he conducts "Word, Spirit and Power" conferences throughout North America. Kendall’s ministry was transformed in the 1990s after his wife was miraculously healed from a serious illness. Both now reside in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Kendall appears on Christian TV and is a regular contributor to Christian publications. He is also the president of R.T. Kendall Ministries.


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