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Spring Harvest

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Spring Harvest

Spring Harvest is channel to encounter God and helps you explore Christianity to the fullest. It was born in 1979 and has continued to grow, in turn also helping people to grow. The main event takes place during Easter time, located in Skegness and Minehead in the UK and facilitated by Butlins. Each event has a unique theme, creating originality and new experiences in all walks of life.

Spring Harvest accumulates over 55,000 people each year, giving the chance to worship, teach, challenge, growth and relax.  There is a huge variety of modern Christian music, workshops, Bible study groups and exciting and fun activities for all age ranges.

Spring Harvest has so much to offer, in equipping people with life skills and creating life changing experiences. The miraculous event provokes you to experience more and to grow as an individual and as a family. The concept circulates around the exposure to God and finding a medium to walk hand in hand with him, changing and expressing your life in ways that you have never encountered.

With the yearly event having such an influence on people, Spring Harvest provides tools to help the transition of change throughout the year providing resources to those who want to continue the experience all year round. Spring Harvest works to equip you for life and brings hope and faith to the 21st century.