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KJV Life Application

The bestselling study Bible – KJV Life Application Study Bible – has helped to equip countless everyday Christians with a deeper understanding and reverence for the scriptures. Billy Graham passionately endorsed the Life Application Bible as “a great step forward in helping Christians apply the Bible’s life-changing message in their own life’s.”

With 10,000 Life Application notes, the LASB (also available in the New American Standard Version, New International Version, New King James Version and New Living Translation) provides an extensive amount of Bible study help specially written to help you apply what the Bible says in your life. American Minister James Kennedy once said that Bible reading is like “squirting gasoline at the opening of the fuel tank ten feet away. Most of it ends up on the ground.” With the help of the LASB, your spiritual tank will get the nourishment required to fuel your real-life walk with God.

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