Pocket Bible

Over 1500 years in production, expanding over 40 generations, written by over 40 authors, translated by 1000’s of scholars, academics and church leaders. All of this in a book that can fit in your pocket?! The oldest book on the planet is available as a Pocket Bible. The Bible is regarded as the greatest literature ever written in history and can be stored in the pocket of a pair of jeans or a pocket of a jacket, making it the most portable source of information on the planet.

A pocket bible is an essential tool when travelling or moving around or even when you just feel like reading the Lords Words when you’re on the road! Here at Eden.co.uk, we understand the importance and the practicalities of the modern world and provide the means and tools to help you take the bible anywhere you desire, in the form of a Pocket Bible.

The Bible has been translated many times throughout the years and has been produced in many sizes and forms and the pocket bible is no different. It provides all 774,000 words that are found in the original sized bible and gives you the chance to carry it around without any hassle and obstruction. The Pocket Bible is the modern day essential for all Christians.