Perpetual Calendar

A Perpetual calendar also often known as the forever calendar is a chart that displays the days of the week corresponding to any given date over a long period of years. This type of calendar is also great for seeing a span of many years as it keeps track of the day and month and adjusts for the length of the month and the leap years. Perpetual calendars are also great if you are reading or studying a historical event and want to track the exact date of the event to see what day of the week.

The Perpetual calendar originates from the Julian calendar, created in 46 BC by Julius Caesar where he declared the 1st January to be the start of the year, months at fixed lengths, 12 months a year, 365 days in a year with every fourth year called a leap year that has 366 days in that year. During the Georgian period the calendar was also changed due to research into future dates.

The Perpetual calendar uses a formula that calculated the day of the week giving the date, considering that each year begins one day later than the previous year, but in a leap year the year begins 2 days later.

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