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The NIV Study Bible is an engaging and immersive learning experience which provides in-depth knowledge into the Bible’s meanings and structure. It offers book introductions for greater understanding and delivers notes that help you grasp the original translations and appreciate the words of God.

With ever growing popularity, the NIV Study Bible has sold over 6 million copies Worldwide and is claimed, by the Christian publisher Zondervan, to be the world’s bestselling Study Bible. The biblical commentary notes were written by the original scholars who translated the NIV Bible. These notes include the explanation and commentary of over two-thirds of the Bible... that’s over 21,000 verses!

The NIV Study Bible contains a huge amount of scholarly insight and practical wisdom from archaeologists, biblical scholars, and practicing pastors. It excels in expanding the NIV Bible, interpreting difficult verses whilst relating principles for your own personal application. Ideal for devotion and study, the New International Version Study Bible offers keen readers full understanding from the first word to the last, ensuring that you'll never be lost again.

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