Nativity Scene

The Nativity Scene is a depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ that is interpreted and described in the bible in the gospels of Mathew and Luke. The Nativity Scene is also known to many others as the Creche

The story of the Nativity is a remarkable story that is full of traditions in Christianity and saw the Birth of Jesus Christ. Nativity Sets are a great way to not only perform the story but to teach the story to a younger audience so that they can interact with the story.

Nativity sets are in three and two dimensional sets that can be used in films, television, plays or for schools and Churches. Usually we see real humans and animals that are part of the nativity story play out their roles in a three dimension nativity scene. Nativity scenes are used all other the world around during the Christmas season in remembrance of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

In a Nativity scene we either see figures or real people that were included in the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ, included are Mary and Joseph (Jesus mother and father) an infant (Jesus)

Did you know that the first   Nativity scene originated from St. Francis of Assisi as he worried that people didn’t understand the birth of Jesus Christ and appreciate where it took place, the people that were there and the surroundings of where his birth happened.

Eden provides a full selection of nativity scenes for both outdoor and indoor purposes that will withstand any weather and will not fade.  

Now days many people around the world reenact the birth of Jesus my creating a nativity play