Nativity plays

Nativity plays are one of the most popular and traditional Christmas plays that is performed by many people over Christmas to bring as a remembrance of the birth of Jesus. The Nativity play is performed in many Christian primary schools, Sunday schools and Churches where children will put on costumes and play the various characters from the bible that were at the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago. Nativity Plays recreate the Birth of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem in a stable and explains how Mary and Joseph were visited shepherds and three wise men that all brought gifts with them.

There are many characters that make up the Nativity play, the main characters are Mary and Joseph. The nativity play also has a narrator that tells the whole story of the Nativity of Jesus.

The First Nativity play is said to have been created by St Francis of Assisi in Italy in 1223. He created the Nativity play as many people at that time couldn’t read or write so the best way to present the Nativity story was in a play so people could really understand what it was really like in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. He Creates the Nativity scene by using live animals, a manger and hay and asked the people of his village to play the various roles that make up the nativity story.

Did you know there is no mention of a donkey in the bible, it was only till hundreds of years after the birth of Jesus when a carol “Little Donkey” mentioned that Mary was carried to Bethlehem by a Donkey.