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Louie Giglio

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louie giglio indescribable and resources

Louie Giglio born on 3rd June 1958 is a Christian pastor, speaker and founder of the passion movement. Louie has a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Louie first began teaching a weekly bible study class with his wife Shelley, called Choice in Texas.

In 1995 Louie ended the weekly gathering bible study seminar and moved to Atlanta, Georgia due to the loss of his father. Months after his father’s death Louie reveals that he had a vision for god that led his wife and him to the beginning of the Passion conferences, which is a ministry for university students.  These Passion conferences became popular because of Louie’s creative, unique and passionate style of preaching. One of Louie Giglio’s passion series includes Indescribable and How Great is god. Louie has also written many books on Christianity faith, including The Air I breathe and Worship as a way of Life.

Louie Giglio the Passion Conferences

Louie Giglio Passion Conferences are targeted at university students of the world where Louie seeks to inspire this generation  to learn the true meanings and messages of the Christian faith to glorify God through prayer and worship for this generation to seek the face of god. The Passion Conferences first began in 1995 and since then have hosted conferences to around 1 million university students. Louie Giglio's passion conference have hosted one day events in cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington, Seattle, Boston and Chicago. It wasn't till 1997 that Louie Giglio performed at his first event to 2,000 students in Austin that was over a four day period. 

The Passion Conference lead worship leaders are Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, David Crowder Band, Nathan and Christy Nockels.