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The Life Application Bible is a unique and important tool for assisting in the application of God’s Word on your way of life. There are various instances where people are committed to the Christian faith but rarely read the Holy Book and therefore their knowledge is vague. The Life Application Bible was created to allow people to practice what they have learnt and to apply God’s Word. The Bible lends the tools to the individual but it is the individual who needs to act upon them, as the words written are not just to be listened to but are to be acted upon.

The Life Application Bible was given birth to by a team of pastors, scholars, family counsellors and an organisation that promotes the Words of God. This team was committed to creating a Bible offering the understanding difficult scripture, explaining context of pages and providing important historical information. The Life Application Bible impacts on individuals and makes people discover the deep meaning of the Words of God and apply them in their everyday life.

The scripture in the Bible are more than words printed on paper, but they are words spoken from the Lord, allowing us to change our lives. The Life Application Bible constructs a method to apply scripture and does not just supply the Words of God, but gives us ways in which to use them and become committed to the faith of our Lord.