The IVP also known as the Inter-Varsity Press is a publisher of Christian books that has been publishing for more than 70 years, which started off as a small branch of intervarsity fellowship for university studies. IVP purpose is to provide books of Christian fellowship for those studying the Christian Faith at University, for churches and for anybody around the world of the Christian Faith. IVP books publish educational books and offer a great range of books ideal for research areas such as, bible studies and philosophies of the Christian Faith.  IVP also offer multimedia resources for educational purposes. IVP Only publish resources that are of Christian meaning and theories as they believe the lordship of Christ and the Christian faith is important and should be spread over everyday life.  

IVP Over the years have published books by many well-known Christian authors, such as Eugene H. Peterson and James W. Sire, who became the first full time editor for IVP.

IVP was voted by booksellers as Christian Publisher of the year five times in the last decade. IVP are also extremely committed to protecting the environment by using natural resources.

Eden offer a selection of Christian books and resources form IVP publishers, such as The Essential IVP Reference Collection which is a complete electrical bible study software that is on CD-ROM format , that has earned the reputation as an outstanding reference tool to help with all bible studies.