Boring Bible Instant Lesson Material: The Prophets

Boring Bible Instant Lesson Material: The Prophets
Instant Lesson Material

by Andy Robb

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You want to get a group of kids fired up about a story in the Bible. Great! so does this book! As previous offerings of Boring Bible have proved, Andy Robb's winning formula really hits the mark, this time with the Prophets.

With 25 stories brought to life in accessible, lively language backed up by some great cartoons, you and your group will have fun, whilst becoming familiar with the stories and characters.

Each double-page spread of the book includes the relevant Bible passage and a bullet-point guide to the basic background and characters involved, which will help you get to know the story first.

Then there's a lively presentation of the story, which you can read out loud to your group. Whether in a church or school setting, Boring Bible will be an invaluable aid to your sessions.

When Jesus Returns

When Jesus Returns

by David Pawson

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Will he come as the pre-existent Son of God or the incarnate Son of man? To the whole world or just one place? In the same way as the first time or otherwise?


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