Indescribable was written by Laura Story in 2002, at the time it never occurred to Laura that Indescribable could be a hit and used in places of worship. Indescribable began one autumn afternoon where the sun was setting and the leaves were falling.  Laura was driving through the mountain in North Carolina, admiring the scenery and becoming overwhelmed with the beauty of Gods artistic display. She then began to think about creation and the glorious world god had created for us all. Laura could barely contain her feelings and in amazement of her surroundings god had created she could not think of any words that could describe god’s splendour at that moment in time, all she could think was God is indescribable. At that point she began to sing about how indescribable God is. After this spiritual afternoon Laura had to drive around without a car radio for about a year, but it became quite a blessing to her as she was able to carry on singing in her car about her amazement of god, which led to her writing indescribable. She says that the first verse explains all she saw on that wonderful autumn afternoon because of the colours and the beauty. 

Indescribable plays a very powerful, influential role in peoples worship. It truly is a must buy and a great gift idea for someone special.

Chris Tomlin has recorded a version of Indescribable and Indescribable is one of the titles for Louie Giglios Passion series