In Christ Alone

In Christ alone is an Irish hymn and the first series of themed albums created and produced by Keith Getty and sung by Kristyn Gritty, that is one of their most famous hymns. The Hymn has also been covered by many artists and is popular nationwide. The version of In Christ Alone first created my Keith and Kristyn depicts the wonderful lifting soprano voice of Kristyn that really draws you into the song and Keith’s grand piano arrangements. The Hymn is fantastic performed live with a gospel choir. 

The hymn speaks about putting trust in Christ as he is hope, light and strength to many and the spiritual truth in Christ alone. The hymn expresses a love for Christ and his worship and love of everyone. The hymn also tells the gospel story of Jesus crucifixion on the cross to where his body lay in the ground and the resurrection of his body three days after his death to his appearance to many biblical people over his 40 day resurrection to the return to heaven. This Song holds a powerful meaning of hope and love too many that is also very inspirational in the story of Christianity. The song is a great way to understand the story of Jesus death to his resurrection, which is a key gospel of Christian faith and theology in the bible.

The Hymn is also a great gift for someone special or to be played at a special occasion, for example in church at a wedding or christening. Eden provide various versions of In Christ Alone Hymn that are available to Buy online today.