How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art is a popular Christian hymn that is based on a Swedish poem was written in 1885 by Carl Gustav Boberg a Swedish preacher. The melody for the hymn is a traditional Swedish Folk song.  The Swedish Folk song was translated into English by the Stuart K Hine, a minister, who also added some of his own word to the hymn in two original verses. The first three verses of How Great Thou Art were inspired by Stuart’s experiences in the Carpathian Mountains. The hymn was first sung in the village where Stuart lived where he would also preach and read aloud the bible.

The Hymn is inspirational in Christianity and talks about How gigantic God is in our lives and he is our soul and saviour in a way that truly express How Great Thou Art.

 How Great Thou Art has had over seventeen hundred documented recordings and has been used on major television programs.

Did you know that the hymn was voted favourite hymn in the United Kingdom by BBC’s Songs of Praise and was ranked second after Amazing Grace on a list of the favourite  hymns of all time voted for in the Christian magazine.

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